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Begin your legal education right away as an undergraduate Law major, and earn your Bachelor of Arts in Law at Champlain College. The undergraduate Law program at Champlain College is the finest program in the country to prepare you for law school or to become an indispensable member of a legal team.

Upside-Down Curriculum

Early on, your classes will provide you with a rigorous and highly analytical foundation in subjects such as criminal law, contract law, torts, civil procedure, and family law. Later, you will learn more specialized areas of the law such as wills, trusts, and estates; business organizations; evidence; constitutional law, and legal ethics. Throughout your program, you'll research, write and give presentations on challenging, complex areas of the most cutting-edge civil and criminal legal issues that affect today's society domestically and globally. 


All of your courses will be taught by legal experts made up of judges and lawyers who will give you a true insider understanding of the legal profession. Meet our faculty. 


An intensive internship taken during either your third or fourth year will give you the experience that quality graduate programs and employers seek. Our students have worked as interns at many local law firms, government agencies and corporate legal departments. See where our students have interned. 

Study Abroad 

As a Law student, you can choose to take your international study at our campus in Montreal, Canada, or in Dublin, Ireland, or through one of our third-party programs. Through study abroad, you'll become a more globally engaged citizen based on your exposure to an international array of global legal issues, an important asset for a law professional. Many of our students have completed international field-placements and internships. Explore our study abroad options.

New York Law School Agreement

The Law program will give you experience and education to make you a highly desirable candidate for any law school you want to attend. Through a special partnership with New York Law School, highly qualified Law students, upon recommendation from the program director, may be admitted with a generous merit scholarship to either the Two-Year Honors Juris Doctor Program or the traditional Three-Year Juris Doctor Program, with guaranteed placement in housing provided by New York Law School. This is a great opportunity for students to continue their legal education at a prestigious, career-centered law school. Learn more about our New York Law School Partnership. 

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