Professional Writing Career Success

Why Professional Writing at Champlain?

At Champlain College, you're not just getting an English degree with a creative writing or journalism focus; you're learning the professional aspects of writing, and how to get paid doing what you love.

Students start thinking like professionals from their first semester. Virtually all Professional Writing majors are published by the time they graduate; many are earning freelance income even as undergraduates.

Work from students in the program includes video book trailers, an interactive ebook version of Dante's Inferno, a cookbook and an art form created by a student that combines poetry with photographs.

Past graduates are now in graduate school programs and writing for magazines, teaching English, writing about food and wine, editing books and online magazines, and organizing poetry readings.

Champlain Professional Writing Graduates Are Ready. 

In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, each of Champlain's majors feature skill-building hands-on learning opportunities and other major-specific programs that help our students create highly marketable résumés.

Highlights of the Professional Writing Program

  • All the Professional Writing faculty actively write and publish in their respective fields-an essential factor in keeping the program at the forefront of change.

  • In addition to a wide range of creative options, the Professional Writing program offers workplace-ready courses such as publishing, grant writing, copyediting and technical writing.

  • All Professional Writing students take a sequence of portfolio classes that teach them how to create their own website and online portfolio, use social media to drive traffic to their site, develop professional contacts and working relationships, contact editors and publishers, navigate ethical and legal issues in the profession, and craft practical survival tools such as résumés, pitch letters and business cards.

  • Professional Writing students typically take one or two internships over the course of their program, which gives them stellar experience for their résumés and valuable recommendations from employers.

  • Professional Writing students have studied in Tibet, Nepal, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, France, England, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Bosnia and India. You also may spend a semester at Champlain's campuses in Dublin, Ireland, and Montreal, Canada.

  • Almost all of our students have had their work published or performed by graduation, many even begin earning money from writing or editing while still undergraduates. In fact, 92% of Professional Writing graduates in the Class of 2017 are employed or continuing their education within six months of graduating.

  • In the Professional Writing Capstone class seniors pick a topic of their choice to write about over their final semester, developing a piece of writing that is their stepping-stone to the workplace or to graduate school. Capstone projects have included writing a young adult novel, editing a travel writing anthology, creating a cookbook, crafting a graphic novel and writing the business plan for a travel agency specifically for writers.