Refer a Friend & Get a Champlain Sweatshirt

Six college students sitting facing Lake Champlain on a sunny day

Have a friend who is a junior or senior in high school who is looking at colleges? If you are planning a visit to our Burlington, Vermont, campus this summer, we'd love for you to invite them to come with you.

If your friend registers and attends the event, YOU'LL get a cozy Champlain College sweatshirt when you arrive.

Starting June 1: Our Famous Bring a Friend and Get a Champlain Sweatshirt Offer

This is easy.

When you register to come to campus for either an admissions Open House event or a weekday/weekend Information Session & Campus Tour beginning June 1, 2019, you'll have the opportunity to refer-a friend right on the registration form. All we need is first and last name and a valid email address. Then, we take care of the rest.

We'll shoot off an email to your friend telling them you referred them (providing the date of the event). There is a special Refer-a-Friend link in the email that will allow them to register for the same event you are registered for. All they need to do is click that link and register (and they, too, can refer another friend and get a sweatshirt on that form). 

If the friend you refer registers and attends the event, YOU get a nice (like, really nice) Champlain sweatshirt at the event.

Official Rules for Refer-A-Friend Offer Which Begins June 1, 2019

There are a few things to know about how this works.

  • Offer applies only to official campus visits. An official campus visit includes Open House events and weekday/weekend Information Sessions and Campus Tours. You are welcome to stop by campus at any time (we'd love to have you!). For the Refer-A-Friend program, however, you need to register in advance for the event or visit you select (see for options), and your friend needs to register using the special link we send them in the email. 
  • No backsies. The sweatshirt offer does not apply if you refer the person who referred you. If someone referred you, and you want a sweatshirt, you'll need to refer another friend who then registers and attends the same event.
  • One sweatshirt per visit. If you want to refer more than one friend, you are more than welcome to do so, but we can only provide one sweatshirt per event per student. 
  • Reasonable commitment. If the friend you want to refer has already been referred for the same event by another friend, the referral does not count for the offer. We will notify you via email if the friend you refer has already registered for the same event.

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