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Welcome to Champlain

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Audeamus — Let Us Dare

Students who come to Champlain are looking for an education as distinctive as they are. Imagine an innovative education that dares you to dream, to welcome the unknown, and to question the known. Welcome to Champlain.

No Need for Conventional

Unapologetically YOU. The whole YOU. Champlain students bring their style, their passions, their drive. There’s no need for convention when you combine imagination with knowledge. This is Champlain.

Skeptical in All the Right Ways

Creative and highly individualistic, Champlain students are skeptical in all the best ways, questioning the status quo to find new paths forward. Envision a school where you can be creatively fearless. That school is Champlain College.

Champlain inspires creative thought, innovation, strategy, and leadership. If you are ready to take on those qualities and grow as a person, student, and professional — Champlain is waiting to welcome you.
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Heather MacFarlane ‘21, International Business and Criminal Justice Double Major | Pittsfield, MA

Proven Career Success

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Success that Speaks for Itself

Our career-focused academics and comprehensive career-preparedness programs, result in across-the-board success in our student body after graduation.

Career Success

Within 6 months of graduation, 90% of the Class of 2023 achieved Career Success: 86% were employed and 4% were pursuing continuing education.

Not Just a Job

Within 6 months of graduation, 83% of graduates from the Class of 2023 weren’t just employed–they were employed in positions related to their field of study.

I didn’t expect to have the opportunities I have had and to be as professionally ahead of the curve as I am…I would never have expected to start an entrepreneurial venture and present it to senior vice presidents at Samsung in my first year at college, but connecting students with outstanding opportunities is a part of the Champlain experience.
Riley Seith
Riley Seith ’22, Marketing // Stow, MA

Ranked a Best Value School

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Maximizing the Options

From institutional scholarships to on-campus employment, Champlain maximizes our students’ financial aid opportunities, reducing the overall amount they pay so that investing in their future is more affordable.

Simple. Straightforward. Guaranteed.

With our Count-On-It Financial Aid Guarantee, our students know that their scholarships from Champlain never decline as long as they are enrolled full time.

More affordable than you might think!

At first glance, cost can be jolting, but consider that the “sticker price.” Our actual price is the sticker price MINUS the financial aid package we put together. This makes a Champlain education much more affordable than you may think!

I received multiple scholarships that made it possible for me to attend Champlain College. Upon hearing the news that I was awarded financial assistance, my mom teared up, saying, ‘They believe in you before you are even there.’ My scholarships bridged the gap, allowing me to finish my degree and graduate with a 4.0 and a full-time offer at my dream job.
Shannon Mitchell, ’16, Support-A-Student Scholarship Recipient

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