two students hug as a greeting, smiling

We Just Have a Certain Vibe

A group of Game Business students collaborating over a computer student leans on railings smiles at camera

Conventional? Nah…

Our students are unapologetic about who they are. Confident in their own ideas, Champlain students stand out in their nontraditional approach to life and problem solving.

Stand Aside

Creative and highly individualistic, don’t tell a Champlain student what to do, show them. Better yet, give them the right tools and guidance, and let them figure it out.

Hard Core Passions

Skeptical in all the best ways, our students poke holes in old ideas to find new ways of learning, creating, and working. They are relentlessly inquisitive about the things they love most.

I truly feel at home and I love Champlain. I found myself by coming here. I know so much about myself in the world and I’ve had so many experiences handed to me and I really want to have other people experience these things. I feel like Champlain gives a lot of opportunities that other schools don’t and welcoming students to the campus is such a wonderful thing.
DJ Miller
DJ Miller ’22, Marketing // Eustis, MA

Small College with a Big Heart

a celebration in the ESports arena; President Hernandez high-fives a student a student raises his arms in the air to applaud

Intentionally Inclusive

We understand that to create a more equitable and inclusive community, we must take an active and intentional approach. Here at Champlain, we value each voice, identity, and idea because we believe that each adds to the richness of our community.

One of a Kind—Emphasis on Kind

Champlain fosters a culture of acceptance and respect, providing a safe environment for all members to discuss and explore the benefits of being in a diverse, inclusive community.

Live Well

We’re here to help our students navigate the ups and downs, giving them tools to live well mentally, socially and physically. And when our young people can’t quite manage on their own, we’re here with them each step of the way until they’re ready to stand on their own again.

Wherever you go, no matter who you are, you are almost guaranteed to find a group of people that will accept you. I did not expect to make so many friends while I was here, but now, nearly everywhere I go, I can find someone I know.
Headshot of Dillon Drummond
Dillon Drummond ’24, Game Programming // Burlington, NC

Get Involved on Your Terms

student wears VR head set front row of the crowd at a concert, signer and band on stage

Introverts & Extroverts Welcome

From staying in for an online gaming event to going out to see an up-and-coming band, getting involved looks differently for different students and that’s ok. Your calendar can be as full or as open as you want.

Leading the Way

Champlain students are ready to make a difference. With a variety of leadership opportunities, they learn to put that passion to work, rolling up their sleeves and DOING good instead of talking about it.

More than Classes

Our students look for experiences as distinctive as they are. From Hearthlight to hockey, we have more than 60 clubs and organizations. And if students can’t find the perfect club, we help them start their own.

Since day one, I have felt that Champlain College has prepared me for the real world outside of the classroom.
Lauren Materia
Lauren Materia ’22, Communication // Upton, MA

It’s Better in Burlington

a church steeple rises above the crowd on church street in burlington, vermont a student in a Champlain t shirt looks out over a vista

Anything But Remote

The great city of Burlington, Vermont, has it all: A sizzling music scene, farm-to-table eateries, eclectic shops, and a dynamic downtown energized by 15,000 undergrads from multiple schools. Welcome to the quintessential college town.

Small But Mighty State

We’re not afraid to take a stand or go against the grain. Filled with forward-thinking individuals and organizations, the connections our students make in Vermont are genuine, organic, and impactful.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

With so many transportation options, Burlington is anything but remote. From an international airport to bus and train terminals, Champlain students are going places.

Burlington is such a great place to be at this age. It’s full of opportunity, especially in the arts, and it’s a place where you can truly be yourself. The city is gorgeous in any season and definitely inspiring.
Melissa Leimbach, Creative Media // Towson, MD

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