Students: Work at the EMC

Every semester, the EMC employs over 50 undergraduate students to work on a variety of projects and keep our studio operational. Students have a unique opportunity to gain valuable "real-world" experience for their post-collegiate careers through working on these collaborative projects between students, faculty, staff, and clients. Work ranges anywhere from brainstorming & prototyping, to mobile applications, fully developed games, interactive new media, marketing campaigns, and lab management. Students can become involved at the EMC through work-study, regular employment, or internships—depending on project needs. The EMC is open to everyone—from all years and all majors at Champlain College.


Am I qualified to work at the EMC?

The EMC hires students with a broad range of skills, from first semester through the summer after graduating. While positions cannot be guaranteed to students without foundational skills in their discipline of interest, the center thrives when younger students can be mentored by experienced employees. This ensures a smooth transfer of knowledge from one project team to another, in addition to providing a unique learning opportunity. Sometimes students without much experience, but with enthusiasm to learn, find a good fit in an EMC Studio Lab Tech or Junior-level position. You must be a Champlain College student to apply.

What do I need to apply? What should I submit for sample work?

Most, but not all, positions at the EMC require three key pieces: an APPLICATION, resume and sample work. A cover letter is required for upperclassmen and encouraged for underclassmen. Career Collaborative has a wealth of helpful resources for preparing your resume and cover letter.

Sample work is required for many positions. The application will show the ability to upload sample work if it's required. It should include TWO pieces that reflect the applicant's current skill set and show an investment or passion for learning and growing. These pieces DO NOT have to be polished, finished, published, or portfolio-quality pieces; however, care should be taken not to show content that is fundamentally broken or may be considered offensive. Sample work should be able to open on any computer without specific programs, such as Visual Studio or Unity (jpg instead of psd, exe instead of fla). Keep the file size minimal. Work can either be URLs pasted or files uploaded to the application. Sample work may also include a task issued by the EMC specific to the positions posted.

Examples of sample work include, but are not limited to: Writing (fiction or non-fiction), games, "vertical slices", game design documents, audio files, short films, art reels, 2D art (digital or traditional), 3D art, interactive media pieces, mobile apps, motion graphics, code, websites, professional social media and blog posts, digital or print-based graphic design pieces, or anything else that demonstrates your skills.

My application is ready. What happens after submission?

Just like you'll encounter in the workforce, the Emergent Media Center conducts an application and interview process prior to hiring any student employee. The process starts two weeks prior to each semester.

  • Available positions are posted through Handshake and our website. These positions are open to all current Champlain students and sometimes recent graduates.
  • Apply and sign up for an interview as soon as possible. Positions are often filled on a first qualified, first hired basis before the end of our submission window.
  • As part of the application process, students will sign up for an interview time. All applicants will have the ability to sign up for an interview. Interviews are held at the EMC. As good practice, please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled interview time and don't forget to factor in transportation time.
  • Depending on the position, a second round of interviews may take place, and applicants may also be issued a challenge to complete shortly after the interview.
  • Job offers and rejections are issued via email to every applicant. If hired, students are expected to complete paperwork/HR processes and begin filling their positions as soon as possible.

Where is the EMC?

The EMC is housed within the Miller Center at the Lakeside Campus. Shuttle buses run continuously from the main campus to Lakeside throughout regular business hours. You can find more details and directions to the EMC here.

I didn't get a job offer. Is that the end?

We often have many more applicants than we do job openings. Our projects and needs change on a semesterly basis. We hire for fall, spring, and summer semesters. When students are not offered a position, it doesn't mean that they are unwelcome at the EMC! Always reapply for future positions or come in and discuss other ways to be involved.

More questions

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