Permit Information

Parking Permits for Fall 2021 will be available to order on August 3rd and beyond at

Students and employees MUST obtain a Champlain College parking permit for their vehicle each semester, regardless of where or when they park. Visitors and Vendors should obtain a temporary parking permit from their host employee or the Transportation Office prior to visiting.

See the Visitor Parking page for details.

First-Year Parking Is Not Permitted

First-time, first-year residential students (fewer than two full-time, post-High School, college semesters) are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus.

See information at

Ordering a Permit

ALL permits are ordered online at: Applicants will be asked to create a new account in the system (this is different from your Champlain account). Select an account name that you will remember year after year (email is best) and create a password to access the account. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved at any time as long as the applicant can receive emails at the address used to create the account.

The following information is needed to complete a campus parking permit order:

  1. Personal Info: Name, Address, Email and College ID number
  2. Vehicle Info: Vehicle make, model, year, color and license plate number
  3. Payment: Credit card or electronic check. Payroll deduction is also available for qualified employees (this option ends after the first week of class)

If the application is approved, a parking permit will be sent in the mail to the campus mailbox or home address provided at registration. The permit takes approximately two weeks and comes from The Permit Store (not Champlain) in San Diego, CA so please make sure that you check your mail carefully. Do not assume it's junk mail and recycle it. See an example of the letter and what the envelope will look like.

While your permit is in the mail, you can print a 21-day temporary permit (from the date of order) to put on your dash. Print this from either the final confirmation screen when you order or in your account at under "View Permit".

Zone and Permit Summary

  • Zone 1 Commuter Students and Employees: Main Campus and Lakeside - This FREE permit allows the holder to park:
    • For FREE at 175 Lakeside Ave, North House, Sanders Hall, South House, and city streets, OR
    • Pay-Per-Use at other lots listed below:
    • Lot Name Rate Time limit
      • 175 Lakeside Avenue
      • North House
      • Sanders Hall
      • South House
      • City Streets


      • Skiff Hall
      • 396 Main St
      • 371 Main Street
      • 158 South Willard St

      50¢ per hour

      (no transaction fee per parking session)

      • MIC (Library)
      • Summit Hall
      • Jensen Hall
      • Rowell Hall

      $1 per hour

      (plus a 30¢ transaction fee per parking session)

      4 hours
  • Zone 2: 115 and 175 Lakeside. This permit allows the holder (Residential Students) to park at 115 Lakeside Ave lot AND the rear (south) half of the 175 Lakeside Avenue lot, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. See this map for details.
    • Zone 2 permit holders may NOT park in the front (north) half of the 175 Lakeside lot and will be subject to ticketing.
    • Residential students may not park in any main campus lots or any city streets between 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday-Friday.
    • After 4pm on weekdays and all weekend, Zone 2 permit holder may park in any "unrestricted" zoned lot or street around campus until 8am.
  • Main Campus Employee Permit: This permit allows parking in any city streets or any lot listed above (except MIC-Library) without having to pay-per-use. See MC notations on official parking map.
  • Zone 5: This permit allows the holder to park under Boardman Hall, South House, 396 Main St, Sanders Hall, and North House.
    • Zone 5 is reserved for residential Education Major students and students who work off-campus until at least 11:00pm at least once per week.
    • Zone 5 is enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week, and no other permit holder is allowed to park here at any time.
    • If Boardman Hall is fully occupied, please use other lots that are part of Zone 5 (South, 396 Main, Sanders, and North) instead of other lots or the street.
    • Zone 5 permit holders may NOT park in the metered lots or any city streets AT ANY TIME. Zone 5 permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • A Pre-Application and Documentation of employment conditions is required before a permit can be ordered.
  • 194 Saint Paul Street Apartments: There is NO PARKING permitted on-site or in the surrounding neighborhood of 194 Saint Paul Street, 24 hours/7 days a week. All residents must obtain a Zone 2 permit and park at Lakeside Avenue.
  • Disabled: This permit allows parking in any Champlain College disabled spaces as well as any regular, unrestricted parking spaces. Parking in restricted spaces (such as contractor or Presidents' Office spaces) is not permitted. Documentation of your disability shall be submitted the first time you get a disabled permit. This permit does not give the user rights to any City disabled spaces (such on Maple Street in front of Ireland). If using city spaces, a State issued placard shall be displayed.

Permit Fees

Fees must be paid in full when ordering. Payroll deduction is also available for qualified employees (this option ends after the first week of class).

  • Zone 1: FREE for Commuter Students and Employees (day use only). Hourly payment required in Pay-Per-Use lots.
  • Zone 2: $175 - for Residential Students. Commuter Students who require overnight parking may request this option, subject to availability. Email to inquire about availability.
  • Main Campus Employee Permit: $200
  • Zone 5: $250 - for Education majors and students who work late
  • ALL Zone 1 or Main Campus Employee permit holder may park in the 175 Lakeside Lot at any time without having to obtain special permission.
  • Evening commuter students, displaying a valid Zone 1 permit, may park in any available main campus lot listed above (excluding West Hall/Perry Hall, Boardman Hall, Cushing, IDX or Finney Quad) or on-street zoned area after 4 p.m. for free, but the valid Champlain permit must still be displayed at all times.

Placement and Display

Affix the decal to the lower driver's side corner of the front windshield. Decals must be clearly visible through the front windshield, so avoid placing behind any tinting. Please remove any expired permits from previous semesters. Permits must be properly displayed while in the College's assigned parking zones, including designated city streets. Vehicles not displaying the required permit will be cited for a fine and/or towed at the owner's expense.

One Permit Per Person

No employee or student can receive more than one permit per semester. Two cars may be associated with each permit, but only one registered car may be parked in College zones or designated parking areas at any one time and must display the parking permit decal. The parking permit decals are removable and can be swapped between cars depending on which one will be brought to campus that day.

Replacement Permits

Notify immediately if your permit is lost or stolen and to request a replacement permit. Once a replacement permit is ordered, the old permit is no longer valid. There is a $10 processing fee for replacement permits.


If you withdraw (or cease College employment) within 14 days of the semester commencing, 100% of the permit cost will be refunded, provided you return your permit to the Champlain Transportation Office within that time and permanently remove your vehicle from the campus.

If you change status from full-time to part-time within 14 days of the start of the semester, the net difference between full time and part-time permit cost will be refunded. Permits are not transferable.

Vehicle Changes

If you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of your vehicle, make sure you remove your permit decal from your vehicle so that you can use it on your new vehicle. Log into your account at to "Manage Vehicles" which allows you to change or update your vehicle information any time. Permits may not be transferred to other individuals or used on vehicles not registered for that permit.