Additional Student Mail Information

Communication at Champlain College


All Students have a Champlain College email account. This is the primary way that the College will communicate with students. All students are encouraged to check and respond to emails on a daily basis.
The student email address is

Some basic information

  • The Student Life Office is located in Skiff Hall at 163 South Willard Street.
  • The College's Mail Center is located at 375 Maple Street. The hours are: Monday- Friday, 11:00AM - 5:00PM. Closed Saturday / Sunday.
  • The US Post Office in Burlington is located at 11 Elmwood Avenue, on the corner of Pearl Street and  Elmwood Avenue.

Some frequently asked questions:

1. What is my address?

  • When someone mails you an envelope/package using the United States Postal Service, it should be addressed as follows:

    Student's Name
    Champlain College
    P.O. Box 670
    Burlington, VT 05401


    Student's Name
    Champlain College
    375 Maple Street
    Burlington, VT 05401

  • For UPS and FedEx please use the only our physical address:
    Student's name
    Champlain College
    375 Maple Street
    Burlington, VT 05401
  • Please do not use the students' Residence Hall address, as it may get lost or delayed. 

2. How do I send mail out?

Letters and Packages

  • There is a drop box for outgoing stamped mail near the student service window. All mail is collected once a day at 3:30 pm.
  • If you need postage, you can either purchase stamps at the campus bookstore for your letters or we can apply postage to your letter or package through our Pitney Bowes machine. We only accept CC Cash Card as payment. The Mail Center carries some boxes and packing materials for your shipping needs at no charge.
  • When you send mail out, be sure to write your return address in the upper left hand corner. This will help us if your mail is returned to the Mail Center.

3. Where do I pick up my mail?

  • The Mail Center will send an email notification to your school "mymail" address for all packages and letters that arrive for you.
    *Mail Staff signs for all packages delivered.
    All mail is picked up at the Mail Center in the CCM building on the first floor, located near the Campus Store. Please present your Champlain College ID in order to pick it up.

Receiving USPS - Express Mail

  • To insure that you receive a USPS Express Mail without delay, use the 375 Maple Street address. This mail is usually delivered by 12:00 noon. You will get an email notification when it arrives.

4. How do I send a parcel/envelope using Express Mail service?

You can send a parcel/envelope through the U.S. Postal Service using "Express Mail". This service is available at the Mail Center or at the post office.
NOTE: if sending it through Champlain College, the Express Mail will not go out until the following day, so please plan ahead if possible.


Funds can be added to your CC Cash Card online OR in person at Compass Student Services on the first floor of Perry Hall.

5. Can I use UPS or Fed-Ex?

In order to mail out packages via FedEx or UPS, we suggest you go online to their websites to setup an account and create the shipment. Please print out a shipping label for your package. UPS and FedEx outgoing packages are picked up Mon.-Fri. at 3:30 and 4:00 respectively. Please bring your packages to the Mail Center before these pickup times.

The Mail Center does supply shipping air bills; however, you will need to apply your credit card information on the air bill.

Your USPS packages can be done on line too at and dropped off at the Mail Center before 3:30.

6. Where can I get envelopes and boxes to send mail?

Envelopes and stamps can be purchased at the Champlain College Campus Store, however, they only sell books of 20 stamps, no single stamps.

Additional info:

  • We ask that students, family and friends PRINT CLEARLY on all mail shipped to students. Please include full/legal name on all mail. This will help prevent any uncertainty and/or delays.
  • Because of our limited space, we request that all letters and packages be picked up asap.
  • Mail forwarding expires 3 months after you leave campus. Please be sure to update your new address with Compass Student Services.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you and Welcome to Champlain!

Mail Center Staff