How to Post on Champlain's Digital Signage

Welcome to environmental advertising at Champlain College!

What is the digital signage system, you ask? Well, chances are good, you've seen it across campus. You know, those fancy flat-panel displays all over campus that you love to read?

Yes. Those. They're super handy and incredibly effective at getting your message out across campus, advertising an event, sharing a story.

How do you do that? We're so glad you asked!

If you are Champlain faculty or staff:

1. Log onto Workfront using you Champlain Gmail username and password. (Please use all lowercase letters for your username.)

2. Go to "Requests" in the navigation on the top left side of the page.

3. Click the blue "New Request" button.

4. Click on the pull-down arrow and select "Request Digital Signage".

5. Fill out the form completely and upload your artwork.

We'll do the rest!

If you are a Champlain student:

1. Go to the Student Digital Signage Request Form

2. Fill out the form completely and upload your artwork.

That's it!

Some good things to know:

Content creation: We have some quick content suggestions and guidelines that you should review prior to submitting your ad for digital signage. View our Digital Signage Content Creation Guide now.

Adjustments to the creative: The Digital Marketing Team (DMT) may redesign and/or edit your ad to make it work best in the space and for readability.

Refusal to publish: Additionally, the DMT reserves the right to decline posting any digital signage submission we deem inappropriate. Of course, a member of the DMT team will follow up with you to discuss why the ad was not posted.

Placement: Please specify your intended audience and where you would like your ad to appear. The DMT may add your advertisment to additional screens if we feel it has broader interest than anticipated.

Timing: Please use the forms to specify when you would like your ad posted and when it should be removed. Generally, submit your ad for placement on the digital signage system at least one week in advance of the first day you would like it to appear.

Champlain College Digital Signage Locations 2017:

  1. Lakeside shuttle stop waiting area
  2. Lakeside Cantina
  3. Lakeside 2nd Floor
  4. IDX Student Center
  5. Freeman Hall
  6. CCM outside transportation office
  7. CCM Commuter Lounge
  8. CCM 221
  9. CCM 3rd Floor
  10. CCM 3rd Floor
  11. Library/MIC
  12. Butler Hall
  13. Juniper Hall
  14. Valcour Hall
  15. Ireland Entrance