Digital Signage Content Creation Guidelines


Create content that will effectively communicate your message on the digital signage. What might work as a poster might not work for a message that appears briefly on a sign.

Use basic design principles when creating your message:

  • Use as few words as possible (20 words max)
  • Light lettering against a dark background reads better than dark lettering against a light background.
  • Sans serif fonts read better than serif fonts.

Tell the viewer:

  • What you want them to know
  • When they can attend/act on information
  • Where the event is (if applicable)
  • Who or what is the contact person or sponsoring office

For example:

Flu Shots Available
Tuesday, November 1–Thursday November 3
10 AM to 5 PM
Argosy Gym
Sponsored by the Student Health Center

Design Specifics

  • All content that is running on digital signage system should be created at 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high and a resolution of 72ppi (pixels per square inch).
  • You can create content in a variety of applications, including but not limited to Canva, Photoshop, InDesign, and Powerpoint
  • Export as a JPEG or PNG file. PDFs will not display on digital signage and must be converted to JPEG.

Transportation Hub Digital Signage

Our digital signage is designed for Full Screen (1920 x 1080) except in Transportation Hubs where the screens display an interactive campus map. Those digital sign shows the shuttle bus location and then a rotating ad slot that measures 875 x 750.

Using Images in Content/Messages

For maximum clarity, ensure that images are at least 72dpi when viewed at 100 percent. Using low-resolution images will result in pixilation, distortion and a low-quality effect when viewed on digital signage. Images used for designs that do not meet the minimum quality standard will not be accepted.

Message/Content Naming Convention

Messages submitted to the digital signage system should be named by the following convention: EXPIRATION DATE.DEPARTMENT.MESSAGE NAME

For example:

1211.SustainChamplain.Recycle Kitten

Ready to Submit?

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