Employee departures mark the conclusion of the employment lifecycle within any organization. As individuals move on to new opportunities or transitions in their lives, it is crucial for managers and HR personnel to facilitate a seamless departure process.

Effective offboarding ensures that the departing employee’s contributions are properly acknowledged, responsibilities are transitioned smoothly, and necessary administrative tasks are completed.

By recognizing the significance of employee departures and implementing thorough offboarding procedures, organizations can maintain positive relationships with departing employees while safeguarding operational continuity and fostering a supportive workplace culture.

Manager Checklist

To ensure a smooth transition, managers please follow this checklist:

  • Reassign Direct Reports: Any direct reports of the departing employee need to be reassigned.
  • Set Out-of-Office Notification: Set up an out-of-office notification with the departing employee’s new contact information for phone communications.
  • Email Communication: Notify Champ Support with any specific email forwarding, out-of-office setup, or delegation requests. Without explicit instructions, emails and messages sent to the departing employee’s account will bounce.
  • Access to Drive: If you require access to the departing employee’s drive, please email Champ Support with your request.
  • Communicate Changes to Stakeholders: Inform relevant stakeholders of the new contact person for any ongoing matters previously handled by the departing employee.
  • Return of Champlain Property: Coordinate the return of any Champlain property such as hardware, credit cards, keys, etc., issued to the departing employee during their tenure.

Employee Checklist

  • Exit Survey: Oracle will send a link to an exit survey
  • Benefits Information: Benefits information will be sent out to the departing employee by Benefits@gmhec.org. They will receive details about available options and procedures.
  • Close out any p-card charges in Oracle
  • Transfer files: review your Google Drive files and transfer items needed  to others
  • Download past paystubs ,W2s, and/or Performance Evaluations in Oracle
  • Update Oracle contact information if needed

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