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Hiring Students

Student Employment at Champlain College provides students with opportunities to build, utilize, and strengthen their technical and essential skills and experiences.

Are you a student seeking a job?

This information is for hiring managers. If you’re a student looking for a job, try this page instead.

Student Resources

It is our goal to equip managers with tools and resources to create meaningful opportunities, leverage best management practices, support student’s growth and development, and foster inclusion and belonging.

Please submit the Student Hiring Form at least 5 business days prior to the start date to allow time for processing. Students hired during the academic year will remain active in Oracle until they are automatically terminated at the end of the Spring semester. There is no need to request terminations during the academic year.

Student Employment Team

Financial Aid/Federal Work-Study
  • Ensures federal work-study compliance
  • Manages federal work-study agreement contracts with off-campus employers
  • Approves new job positions (work-study & part-time student employment)
  • Provides training opportunities to supervisors
  • Approves federal work-study new hires in Oracle


Career Collaborative

Ethan Garhartt

  • Posts open student employee jobs on Handshake
  • Assists with recruitment and selection process
  • Provides training opportunities to supervisors of student employees
  • Assists student employees and supervisors job match

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People Center

Ashley Taylor

  • Processes I-9
  • Payroll
  • Processes new positions in Oracle
  • Hires student employees in Oracle
  • Provides training opportunities to supervisors
  • Manages student summer employment (part-time)

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Did you know?

For all NEW positions, Financial Aid has to review, approve and assign a pay level before you can hire the student.

Steps to Recruiting Student Employees

  • Job Descriptions

    Every student position requires a job description (JD), which must be approved by Financial Aid before a student is hired. Upon reviewing a job description, the Office of Financial Aid will assign a JD number for proper entry into Oracle during the hiring process. Approved JDs may be found on the “K Drive” under Work-Study. Search through past years’ folders to see all JDs to find the job description that matches your position.

    If you need to create a new job description, please use the Template on the K Drive and submit to Kim Moran.


    Please speak to your budget manager to get your budget number and the total amount allocated for student employment. If you are unsure, please contact Finance for assistance.

  • To recruit for your open student position, please send your approved job description to Ethan Garhartt at the Career Collaborative. The deadline date for students to apply is required, but it can be closed early or extended, as needed until you receive enough qualified applications.

    Open positions must be posted on Handshake to provide equal access to all students.

    • Entry-Level positions: Most will receive enough applicants from the Handshake posting alone.
    • Advanced positions: Some will require additional recruitment strategies. Partner with Career Collaborative for options, including targeted emails and/or outreach to Faculty.
    • Work-Study and Part-Time Job Fair: A job fair is hosted once a semester in the Argosy Gymnasium.
  • When you are ready to hire, submit the Student Hiring FormPlease allow for 5 business days to process your request(s). When your student employee has been hired in Oracle, you will receive an email from the People Center with further instructions regarding the approval and onboarding processes.

  • Your student employee may not begin work until you receive an email from the People Center indicating that they may begin. This email is triggered after your student employee has completed their I-9 and has been hired in Oracle.

  • Your student employee may need to complete onboarding tasks before they begin working. You can monitor the progress of the onboarding status by following the instructions on this reference guide. To speed up the process, please monitor and work closely with your student employee to complete this process. If your student employee requires assistance, they can use this reference guide or reach out to

    This student worker training course in canvas was created by student supervisors. It takes new (and returning) student employees through some basics of professionalism and conduct at work, as well as processes such as timecard entry and using their email and google calendar in a professional setting. This training was first created in 2019, with the goal of making the onboarding and training experience for student employees more universal, and easier for managers.

Student Wage Rates

Student Level 1 Student Level 2 Student Level 3 Student Level 4
$13.70/hr $13.95/hr $14.20/hr $14.45/hr

Note: Rates are subject to change as of the first of each year.

Did you know?

The average hours students work is 5-10 hours per week depending on your department budget.

Student Employee Manager Training

To enhance the student employee experience, mandatory training is required for all student employee managers at Champlain College. Contact Hannah Puryear for details.

People Center

Miller Center at Lakeside Campus
Third Floor Room 331
175 Lakeside Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM