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As a diverse community with a commitment to respect all perspectives, conflict is unavoidable. However, dealing with conflict in the workplace in positive and constructive ways can be a stepping stone to growth. Here are resources to help.

Navigating conflict within our diverse community is an inevitable aspect of our commitment to respecting all perspectives.

At Champlain College, we view conflict not as a setback, but rather as a stepping stone to growth. We recognize that our differences can be harnessed to create robust foundations. Embracing conflict in the workplace as an opportunity for positive and constructive resolution fosters an environment where challenges become catalysts for development. Explore the resources provided here to gain valuable insights and tools that empower you to navigate and leverage conflict, turning it into an opportunity for individual and collective growth.

Communication is Essential

One of the best ways to prevent an issue from becoming a conflict is to communicate. Communicating in an open, honest and respectful manner provides clarification and understanding. When talking about a conflict with your manger or co-worker(s), consider the following:

  • Acknowledge there are multiple perspectives of the situation. Express the issue from your perspective, but also discuss the situation from the other person’s perspective.
  • Wait until you are calm to have a conversation. Avoid discussing the issue while you are angry or emotional.
  • Address the issues without making assumptions or accusations about the actions or intentions of others.
  • Limit discussions about the conflict with other uninvolved parties.

Resources for Addressing & Resolving Conflict

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    Your Manager

    At Champlain College, our managers are dedicated to supporting you and ensuring a harmonious workplace. Feel confident in reaching out to them for assistance in resolving any workplace issues. Open and honest communication is key. Together, we can foster a collaborative environment where effective dialogue leads to resolution and a positive work experience for everyone.

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    People Center Representative

    If you find it challenging to communicate with your manager, remember that the People Center is here for you. Our dedicated team is available to listen, provide guidance, and facilitate constructive resolutions. Whether you have concerns, need support, or seek guidance on workplace matters, the People Center is a resource ready to assist you in navigating challenges and ensuring a positive work experience. Your well-being and satisfaction matter to us, and we are committed to helping you find solutions.

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    Bias Education & Response Team

    The Bias Education & Response Coordinator oversees the prompt investigation of complaints alleging bias; reviews findings; consults with campus partners about possible policy violations; coordinates response and outreach for impacted individuals; communicates alerts and educational messages; and, in partnership with the People Center and Academic Affairs, works with parties involved to resolve the situation, repair any harm done, and prevent additional damage from occurring.

Safety & Respect for All

Champlain College cares about the wellbeing of our entire campus community.  We’re committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment where all members of the community are treated with respect and dignity.

Therefore, the college does not tolerate harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct in any form. These acts are not only a violation against an individual; they are also acts that affect the entire college community. Acts of sexual harassment, sex offenses, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence are inconsistent with Champlain’s educational mission and our values.

Champlain College provides a variety of resources and educational programs designed to prevent harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct within our community.  These resources provide information on awareness prevention and support in response in the event an incident has occurred.

Please join Champlain in creating a campus culture that is safe for all of us by becoming aware of policies, support programs and your role in being a responsible member of our community.

Report Emergencies

  • If you feel threatened or know of someone who is in extreme distress, call 911.
  • Campus Public Safety is another resource: (802) 865-6465.

Other Resources

People Center

Miller Center at Lakeside Campus
Third Floor Room 331
175 Lakeside Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM