Student Publications

Champlain knows that its campus boasts a wide range of creativity—from photographers, writers and filmmakers to people who just enjoy the literary world. Faculty and students have come together to produce five student-run publications: Chivomengro, The Crossover, Puddlefar, The Well and Willard & Maple.


Chivomengro is a satire and non-fiction bastion operating out of Champlain College since 2012.


Puddlefar is Champlain's fiction literary magazine, dedicated to exploring the many faces of fiction. 

Willard & Maple

Willard & Maple is Champlain College's long-standing, well-loved and -cared for, 100-percent student edited and produced fine arts and poetry literary magazine.

The Well

The Well is a lifestyle magazine focused on the topic of wellness and attention to self based out of Champlain's 200-level Magazine Publishing course. 

The Crossover

The Crossover is Champlain's online news and arts zine, publishing stories, profiles, multimedia pieces and columns.

Champlain College Center for Publishing

Giving undergraduates an experience they can't get at other colleges, the Champlain College Center for Publishing (CFP) allows students to experience how the publishing industry works. Issue 5.0 of Weathervane, CCM's Digital Magazine which is entirely produced by CFP students, is now available.

If there is a form of publication you wish Champlain had, the Student Government Association is here to help you get that started.