Green Revolving Fund Annual Report 2022/23

Initiated in 2013, the Champlain College Green Revolving Fund (GRF) is an investment fund that finances energy efficiency, renewable energy and other sustainability projects on campus. The Fund provides capital for special projects conducted by Physical Plant that reduces environmental impact and can repay the fund with cost-savings within five to ten years. A portion of these savings are used to support a subsidiary Green Community Fund that finances smaller community-led sustainability projects which may lack monetary savings but are in clear alignment with Champlain College's sustainability objectives.

Green Revolving Fund Committee Members

  • Christina Erickson (Staff, Center for Service & Sustainability, Fall 2022)
  • Holly Francis (Staff, Sustain Champlain, Spring 2023)
  • Tim Van Woert (Staff, Physical Plant)
  • Nic Anderson (Staff, Campus Planning & Operations)
  • Kate Cronin (Staff, Campus Planning & Operations)
  • Eliana Fox (Staff, Sustainable Transportation)
  • Regina Farrell (Staff, Advancement)
  • Lindsey Godwin (Faculty, SSB)
  • Robin Collins (Faculty, ITS)
  • Valerie Esposito (Faculty, SSI)
  • Nicole Morris (Faculty, SSB)
  • Simon Chirichiello '23
  • Paige Garland '24

Committee's Charge

To advise and manage the College's Green Revolving Fund, an investment fund that finances energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects on campus.

Community Fund Projects Funded in 2022-2023

The funding for these projects are a grant and do not need to be paid back, as detailed in the GRF guiding document.

Project Who When Description Amount Granted Expenses to Date
Dublin Vegetable Garden Stephen Robinson SP23 Supplies for the Dublin campus polytunnel $850 ?
Building Creative Bus Stops Josie Bunnell SP23 Supplies for the Champlain MakerSpace to put together benches for local bus stops $800 $431.62
Plant Wall: Greenery in Classrooms Julia Burrell SP23 Moveable plant wall for a classroom to increase biophilia in the learning space $1,000 $300
Aquaponics Maintenance John Brooks SP23 Maintenance for the Aquaponics system in the commuter lounge $297 $186.20
Hydro Pi-Nics Maintenance Miranda Pagarelski SP23 Repair items and additional seeds for the Hydro Pi-Nics system $500 $381.12
TOTAL SPENT $1,298.94

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