Single Parent's Program FAQ

Q. What is the definition of a "single parent"?

A. By law a single parent is someone who is bringing up a child/children without a partner. The single parent is legally separated, divorced, widowed, or unmarried. The single parent must have at least 50% custody of the child/children.

Q. How do you get into the Single Parent's Program?

A. There is no formal application for the Single Parent's Program. You must be accepted and enrolled (in at least 6 credits) as an undergraduate student at Champlain College, a Vermont resident, and financially eligible as determined by the FAFSA application (Pell and VSAC Grant eligible).

Q. What is the Single Parent Scholarship and who is eligible?

A. Single parent students pursuing their first bachelor's degree, who are recipients of the Federal Pell Grant (based on financial need and Expected Family Contribution) and Vermont state funding (VSAC), will be considered for the Single Parent Scholarship. The Single Parent Scholarship together with those funds will cover the full cost of tuition.

Q. Can I be in the Single Parent's Program if I am an Online Student?

A. Yes. Vermont resident, single parent students attending classes online or on campus are welcome into the program so long as they meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

Q. Can I be in the Single Parent's Program if I am an Online TruEd Student?

A. Unfortunately, no. Because classes through the TruEd program are offered at such a discount, and are unattached to a bachelor's program, we are unable to provide additional funding through the Single Parent's Program.

Q. How does a single parent juggle school, parenting and maybe even a job?

A. We are here to help.  Some single parents choose to work part or full time and take classes online, others attend classes here on campus full time and do not work.  Either way, there are resources available to support you. There is a state program that can assist low or no-income single parent students with general living expenses called the Post Secondary Education (PSE) Program.  For access to these grants contact your local Economic Services Division or the Single Parent Program Case Manager.

Q. Will I feel out of place in the classroom?

A. We understand it can be a little overwhelming thinking about getting into a new classroom. We hold monthly luncheons so that our single parent students have a chance to get together and support one another. Faculty members also love having single parent students in their classes. In fact, some of them have mentioned single parent students are their favorite.

Q. Can I be successful?

A. Yes!  The Single Parent's Program provides support in many ways to make the transition to Champlain College smooth and your journey to graduation full of successful learning and meaningful experiences. Single parent students at Champlain are tremendously successful. With the support of staff members, faculty, and other single parent students, we commend the close knit community and high GPAs of our single parent students.

Q. Are there any program requirements?

A. The Single Parent's Program does not have a GPA requirement, however, students must meet the academic requirements of the college in order to remain enrolled. The program offers many opportunities for connection, support and celebration. All social components of the program are voluntary.