What We Do

Being a single parent and going back to college can be a life dream, and it can also be stressful. To help these students out, Champlain College started the Single Parents Program. It creates a multidimensional approach to supporting students, from one-on-one case management to community events, both with and without the kids. 

Single Parents Scholarship

Early in his tenure, Champlain's former president, Dr. David Finney, increased our Single Parents Scholarship with the intent to meet full tuition for single parents who are financially eligible undergraduate students who are legal Vermont residents. Successful applications for the scholarship will add scholarship funds to their other federal and Vermont state grants and together these funds will cover the cost of tuition. 

To inquire about application for the Single Parents Scholarship, please contact Stephanie Doan at studentresources@champlain.edu.

Community Events

Along with workshops and activities that are available to all students, we hold additional programming to foster a community of support among students in the Single Parents Program. Some of these programs include monthly lunch socials, trick-or-treating on campus, and our annual holiday party, where campus and community partners get together to help provide gifts and a loving experience for families in the Single Parents Program. 

On-Campus Support Services

It's not enough to send students to class without providing a network of support and tools for academic success. That's why Champlain offers a variety of different services including:

  • A Student Resources Coordinator, who oversees programming and individual support for each student
  • Financial assistance for undergraduate tuition
  • A summer orientation, with interactive workshops that help students navigate different services and resources available to them
  • Free in-person and online tutoring
  • Free mental health counseling
  • Free career advising - including help writing your resume and finding a job
  • Access to full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, and work study jobs

Off Campus Support Services

Champlain works with a number of different community and state organizations to make sure students in the Single Parents Program have the support they need in order to find professional and academic success at Champlain. Below are just a few of the different programs and resources available to students. 

  • Post Secondary Education (PSE) Program: This program provides additional social and financial support for eligible parents earn two- and four-year degrees so they can earn a career that will support themselves and their families.
  • 3SquaresVT: This is a monthly benefit that helps families put three meals on the table every day. 
  • Community College of Vermont. Some students entering the Single Parents Program start with taking classes and even earning an Associate's Degree at the Community College of Vermont (CCV) before applying to Champlain. Champlain and CCV have established transfer agreements, for both online and on-campus programs, to help with the transition.
  • ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain. Often overlooked, sometimes the support needed is access to different fun things for the kids to do, so we've partnered with ECHO to offer good, local, educational fun for the whole family. 

These are just a few of the many different opportunities students take advantage of. For access to these resources and more, students should contact Stephanie Doan, Student Resources Coordinator.