Computer & Digital Forensics

The Top Cyber Security Program in the United States - SC Magazine

What are authorities finding on the computers, flash drives and confiscated cell phones? How do you investigate the cloud for data breaches? What happens when a hacker compromises a multi-national network? How are drug traffickers using the Microsoft Xbox® to communicate illicit activities? Digital devices and data are often the smoking guns in today's most ingenious crimes. Unlocking these secrets, preserving the evidence and upholding the laws of compliance are passions of those who go into the digital forensics field.

Champlain's award-winning Computer & Digital Forensics Bachelor of Science program is the premier destination in the country for those who want to go into this exciting field. Starting in your first semester with a deep forensics curriculum, you will spend all four years developing a deep skill set in this exciting, emerging field. You will develop mastery level understanding of:

  • Computer & Digital Forensics
  • Android/Iphone/Ipad Mobile Device Forensics
  • Digital forensic tools used by government/private companies
  • Cyber Security
  • Operating System, File System and Network Forensics

A Detailed, Hands-on Approach

National Recognition

Our digital forensics bachelor's and master's degrees are recognized nationally for their quality

  • Model Electronic Crime and Digital Investigation Programs, named by the National Institute of Justice
  • Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education, named by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security
  • 2013 SC Magazine Top Cyber Security Higher Education Program, selected by SC Magazine