Computer & Digital Forensics Learning Outcomes

The Computer & Digital Forensics program is designed to provide you with total professional preparation for the field-the process of computer forensics, the broad spectrum of topics within digital forensics and computer crimes, and the role of digital evidence in criminal and civil investigations and information security incident response.

By the time you complete the academic and internship requirements for your Computer Digital Forensics degree, you will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of computers, software, the law, and investigative techniques to research a possible criminal or civil infraction.\
  2. Determine the need and design a method for conducting the analysis of computer and/or network equipment, and related data files.\
  3. Design a computer usage policy that is consistent with criminal procedure, with particular attention to issues related to user privacy and organizations with sites in different countries.
  4. Articulate the dynamics of "white collar crime" and identify methods used by white-collar criminals.
  5. Assemble and lead a team of experts in the analysis of a cybercrime scene.
  6. Apply knowledge of individual behavior to the design of the analysis of computers and digital media.
  7. Effectively communicate the results of a computer, network, and/or data file forensic analysis verbally, in writing, and in presentations, to both technical and lay audiences.;
  8. Use appropriate print and online resources to stay abreast of relevant trends within the industry and to research technical and legal issues.
  9. Provide input to business and information technology (IT) managers about current best practices to protect computer and network resources from undetected criminal activity.
  10. Prepare to continue their studies towards a graduate degree.
  11. Cite and comply with relevant industry codes of conduct, professional ethics, and societal expectations of fair, impartial practices. Identify unethical professional behaviors.

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