Computer & Digital Forensics Career Success

Why Computer & Digital Forensics?

Computer and digital forensics is an exploding field with a staggering number of opportunities in local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as private-sector firms engaged in digital investigations, data recovery and electronic discovery; or forensics software development; information security; and businesses with significant policy auditing requirements for information assurance.  "From 2007 to 2012, the demand for cyber security experts grew 73%. The demand for all jobs grew just 6%." (Wall Street Journal )

Champlain Computer & Digital Forensic Graduates Have the Right Stuff.

In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, each of Champlain's career-focused majors features specific learning opportunities and programs that help our students create highly marketable resumes. Highlights include:

  • All members of the Computer & Digital Forensic faculty are professionals in their field, which is an essential factor in our students getting the most cutting-edge education in the field possible. Starting in the first semester, students begin foundational computer and forensics courses that give them all the grounding they need to excel in the ambitious curriculum of forensics courses-even if they had limited computer knowledge coming into the program.
  • Each course takes a detailed, hands-on approach that prepares our students to succeed in digital forensic internships
  • Students get unparalleled, hands-on experience in the working in the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation Champlain's fully equipped, state-of-the-art, digital forensics laboratory, where they have the opportunity to work alongside professional digital forensics investigators and law enforcement officials conducting actual investigations.
  • The program culminates in the Senior Capstone Experience in which students research new ways to combine forensic/investigative techniques to new technologies like Android phones, the Apple iPhone, Malware forensics, or the issues surrounding Internet applications, digital forensics or cyber security.
  • Each year, forensic industry recruiters come to the Champlain College campus to fill openings for summer internships and full-time forensic positions because the reputation of the level of skill of our students and graduates is outstanding.

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