A view of Lake Champlain from the balcony at Champlain College.

Business Administration major Emma Seidenberg tells us about her caring professors, internship experience, and being an orientation leader.

Q: What do you like about your professors at Champlain?

A: The professors at Champlain College really want to see you succeed. Countless times, I have reached out to professors that I didn’t personally have in class to gain some guidance, and they were always happy to help. Not only are they your teachers, but in some cases, they are friends who help craft you into the person you are today.

Students have the opportunity to take a faculty-led travel course to Jordan.

Q: How has Core changed your perspective?

A: Core has changed my perspective on how I treat people in general. The Core Curriculum allows you to think deeply about certain topics that can be uncomfortable, but that uncomfortable feeling is helpful in seeing things from a different perspective.

My favorite class I have taken at Champlain is my Aesthetic Expressions Core class with Gary Scudder. This class was intense and super informative about ancient architecture and art. The best part was that we got to travel to Jordan and actually see the art we studied in class.

I also traveled to Entebbe, Uganda to the Malayaka House through the Center for Service & Sustainability as a first year. Both experiences were truly humbling and really allowed me to appreciate what I have and the opportunities Champlain gave me throughout my time here.

Emma has gained a great deal of creative marketing experience during her time at Champlain.

Q: In what ways do you think your internship experience will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to getting a job in your field after graduation?

A: I interned as the Marketing and Outreach Intern at Cheese and Wine Traders. I ran their social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I had many opportunities to collaborate with local brands like Citizen Cider, Zero Gravity, Pickled Pink Foods, and more with various giveaways and tastings. My internship with Cheese and Wine Traders was a highly competitive role. I went through a few interview rounds and beat out many people who were much older than me. This gave me a lot of confidence going into job searching post-grad and has shown me that the skills I have obtained the last four years at Champlain are helpful—I was even told in my interview how professional I was considering I was still in college.

Business Administration major Emma Seidenberg sits on the quad with fellow orientation leaders
Emma and fellow Orientation Leaders on the green outside the Miller Information Commons (MIC).

Q: Have you worked on-campus in either a part-time or work-study position? What relevant life skills have you learned?

A: I have had the opportunity to work in many different positions at Champlain during my time here as a student. I have been an Orientation Leader (OL) since my second year. This position really changed my path at Champlain. I have met so many amazing people over the last few years in my role as an OL, which gave me a sense of community at Champlain. I also work for Champlain’s Marketing Department as a Social Media Content Creator. This role has honestly changed my life. I am now pursuing marketing roles in content creation after college because of this position, which I had never considered before. This job gave me a passion for photography and really allowed me to be creative and have fun.

(Fun fact: Emma plays a huge role in creating content for the Champlain Tik Tok! Check it out.)

Business major Emma Seidenberg holds a camera.
“This job gave me a passion for photography and really allowed me to be creative and have fun.” —Emma Seidenberg

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in? What do you do/why do you enjoy them?

A: I was the Marketing Manager of Stiller Women in Business (SWIB) and was the president of the Hiking Club in my third year. Being the Marketing Manager of SWIB was super fun; I enjoy having a lot of creative freedom when it comes to social media and graphic design. I learned a lot from my Hiking Club role. I never understood how much work goes into running a functioning club and I had a lot of fun rebranding the club’s logo and merch, and going on hikes with my peers.

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