A new report shows that Champlain College is making an impressive annual economic impact on the State of Vermont—$446 million worth in 2021.

The report, “The Economic Impact of Champlain College on Burlington and Vermont,” assesses economic-related contributions from the College, including spending, knowledge, local government, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

Other key report findings include:

  • The College is a net importer of skilled talent to Vermont — almost 20% of Champlain College students come from Vermont, and nearly 40% of graduates stay in Vermont after graduation
  • There are 1,020 Vermont small businesses owned by Champlain alumni that created a total of 3,105 jobs and $270 million in revenue 
  • 11,817 Champlain alumni reside in Vermont

An infographic with a blue background and white text reads:
-$446 million in economic impact on Vermont in 2021
-1,020 alumni-owned small businesses
-40% of grads stay in VT after graduation
-11,817 alumni living in Vermont
-3,105 jobs and $270 million in revenue created by alumni businesses
A new report shows Champlain College is making an impressive annual impact on the state of Vermont.

“Champlain College’s career-focused education prepares students to be ready for work, ready for life, and ready to make a difference right here in Vermont,” said Alex Hernandez, Champlain College President. “Our institution, faculty, and students are serving as an engine of opportunity for the state — with nearly half of our graduates remaining in Vermont to start local businesses or work for Vermont-based companies.”

Champlain has a long history of innovative programs that engage students in experiential learning and prepare them for their future careers. Peter Jewett ‘06, Founder and CEO at Burlington-based companies Accessible Web and Bytes.co, was drawn to Champlain College for its Upside-Down Curriculum and Stiller School of Business. “I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur,” said Jewett. “I was able to bring that spirit to Champlain and add a solid business foundation that allowed me to launch new ventures and be a part of a growing community of young entrepreneurs in Vermont.”

Peter Jewett stands at a wooden podium on stage in front of 25 people seated on stage, with a large blue screen above reading "alumni welcome, Peter Jewett '07"
Peter Jewett ’07 giving the alumni address to the Class of 2019 at Commencement. Jewett is founder and CEO of two Burlington-based businesses, Accessible Web and Bytes.co.

Marguerite Dibble ‘12, Board of Trustee member and CEO of Burlington-based GameTheory, attended Champlain because of its BYOBiz (Bring Your Own Business) program, which has evolved into the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Buzzing with entrepreneurial energy, Dibble fell in love with video game development, founding Birnamwood Games, now GameTheory, in her junior year.

headshot of Marguerite Dibble wearing thick black glasses, long feather earrings, with short blond hair
Marguerite Dibble ‘12, Board of Trustee member and CEO of Burlington-based GameTheory.

“Throughout my time at Champlain, I had about 16 different businesses, starting with t-shirts and ending with game design,” said Dibble. “The college fostered a place for me to achieve the goals I’ve always had in mind, including self-direction and technology.” More than 10 years later, Dibble employs Champlain alumni and partners with dozens of organizations to create games for education and research.

Champlain College has an incredible impact on its students, faculty, graduates, the Burlington community, and greater Vermont. This career-focused college is attracting students from around the world, readying them for critical, high-skilled jobs, and contributing to the growing economic and entrepreneurial landscape of the state. Champlain is well-positioned to continue expanding its economic impact in Vermont and beyond.

Champlain’s partnership with Hula, a Burlington business incubator, allows students to connect directly with Vermont business owners and learn about opportunities in the local entrepreneurial community. Above, students learn from Russ Scully and Robert Lair, co-founders of Hula, during a Champlain Business of Entrepreneurship class taught by President Alex Hernandez.

The report was completed by Kevin Stokes, CEO of EconIMPACT, a leading provider of Economic Impact studies for private universities. Stokes has developed a unique method for determining the impact of higher education on municipal budgets and has worked with various colleges and universities.

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