Upside-Down Curriculum

Do What You Love—Starting in Your First Semester

At Champlain, there are no delays between you and your future. With our unique Upside-Down Curriculum, you start taking classes in your major in your first year.

What does "Upside-Down Curriculum" mean to you? Simply put, it means you can:

  • Take as many as six classes in your major during your first year at Champlain.
  • Build a highly marketable resume full of professional skills, credentials and references.
  • Get internships earlier.
  • Have four full years to develop the skills essential for success in your career.

If you enroll as an undeclared major, the Upside-Down Curriculum means you'll be able to take courses in different majors starting in your first semester so you can see which inspires you the most, enabling you to choose the academic path that's right for you by the end of your first year.

Upside Down Curriculum | Champlain College from Champlain College on Vimeo.