Wondering why you should attend your college’s Admitted Student Weekend? Here are the top five reasons!

You’ve taken a few campus tours, applied to your favorite schools, and received your college acceptance. Congratulations! What better way to celebrate than to spend some quality time getting to know your future classmates at Admitted Student Weekend.

1. Ask important questions and explore to your heart’s content.

Two people talk over a book, smiling.
You can ask in-depth questions and explore your options with the help of Admissions staff, academic advisers, and your future professors.

You may have already toured campus extensively, but you’ll likely have new questions at this point in the process. At Admitted Student Weekend, you’ll be encouraged to ask more specific questions about your future college experience, and you’ll get in-depth answers from current students and professors.

There’s always more to see when it comes to campus, too. Now that you’re admitted, you’ll be exploring the college with a whole new perspective. You’ll be able to better envision yourself living on campus and feel excited to call it home.

2. Meet future classmates—maybe even find a roommate!

Three students pose in front of the CCM stairwell at Champlain's 2018 Admitted Student Day.
You’ll make connections and meet new friends. These students got to know each other at Champlain’s 2018 Admitted Student Weekend.

Campus visits and open houses can help you get acquainted with a few potential friends, but Admitted Student Weekends offer a key advantage: a majority of the students there are likely joining you in the fall. At these events, you can begin your college fun with friends and even find a roommate! Plus, you’ll get to explore our first-year residence halls: Victorian-era mansions.

Don’t forget to join your class Instagram and Discord to keep in touch with the people you meet!

3. Explore clubs, Centers of Experience, and more!

A student sits in CCM's green chairs on a laptop at Admitted Student Day.
Champlain’s Center for Communication & Creative Media is a hub of activity during Admitted Student Weekend. You can join in, take a break, or watch the action from the sidelines in the Commuter Lounge, pictured here.

Wondering how you can get involved in student life on campus? Admitted Student Weekend is a great time to find out about student clubs and organizations at Champlain. There will be plenty of Student Ambassadors and Orientation Leaders around, too, so be sure to ask them about what it’s like to be a student here! Plus, you’ll have the chance to chat with representatives from our Centers of Experience. Learn more about our Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity, Women’s & Gender Center, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Center for Service & Sustainability, Emergent Media Center, and more.

4. Have an absolute blast!

Two students play giant Jenga at Admitted Student Day.
Choose your fun: giant Jenga, Ultimate frisbee, Super Smash Bros, scavenger hunts, bouncy castles—you name it and you can play it during Admitted Student Weekend.

Champlain’s Admitted Student Weekends bring two days of excitement and fun, beginning with a Friday Night Social. You can enjoy Student Life activities and a buffet with your future classmates while your parents mingle with faculty and staff.

5. Dive into college life.

Broadcast Media Production professor Dr. Van Dora Williams teaches prospective students during an Admitted Student Day sample class.
Broadcast Media Production Professor Dr. Van Dora Williams teaches prospective students how to broadcast a live show during a sample class.

What better way to envision yourself as a student than to become one for a day? At Champlain’s Admitted Student Weekend, Saturday is all about finding your place in academic life. You’ll get to know professors in your major and try out some fun sample classes. If you haven’t decided on a major, you can meet with academic advisers one-on-one to explore your options and see how your values align with various majors and career paths.

BONUS—Score some free swag!

The Champlain College Eco Reps booth at an Admitted Student Day Event.
The Champlain College Eco Reps are just one of many clubs and organizations waiting to welcome you to Admitted Student Weekend!

Admitted Student Weekends are all about the free stuff. Just for showing up, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get Champlain merch like stickers, pins, bags, posters, and more. If you submit your deposit, you’ll also become an official student and get your enrollment gift on campus. Either way, you won’t go home empty-handed.

Students pose with Chauncey the beaver at Admitted Student Day.
You’ll get to meet Chauncey, Champlain’s mascot, during Admitted Student Weekend, too.

Is attending an Admitted Student Weekend worth it? Absolutely! Admitted Student Weekends are the best opportunity to get to know the place you’ll be spending the next four years, with the people who will be by your side. For many students, Admitted Student Weekend is the moment when it all starts to feel real. After all that in-depth exploring, you can be confident in making the most informed choice about your future. Then you can spend your summer doing the things you love—all while counting down the days until you move into your ideal college!

Ready to attend your Admitted Student Weekend at Champlain? Join us from March 22-23 or April 12-13 to celebrate your future!

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