Like any sport, esports and competitive gaming have core values that shape the playing field, the athletes, and the fans. As collegiate esports teams take off, Director of Esports at Champlain College Christian Konczal is keenly aware of how his teams represent Champlain as an institution, but also the future of the sport on the whole. Konczal recently discussed his background and what brought him to Champlain in a interview, and shared his vision for the future esports landscape. 

“For anyone looking to make their mark in the esports industry, I can’t stress enough how opportune the moment is. The landscape of esports today is vastly different from what it was even a few years ago, offering newcomers a multitude of paths to establish themselves.”

Konczal goes on to talk about the new expansion of esports programs at Champlain, as well as his own experiences with esports. He notes that it was the kind esports community that uplifted both him and his brother during a time of loss, and the inclusivity of the sport gives everyone a chance to build their skills both in gaming, as well as education and their career.

“The essence of esports is not just found in the games themselves but in the people who come together to play, celebrate, and support one another. This sense of community is what initially drew me to the industry and continues to fuel my dedication to the field.”

Konczal continues to work towards even greater heights. Having already designed an open esports facility and program that houses varsity players, casual gamers, and two dozen student employees, he hopes to include even more games for the teams to participate in and garner more collaborations with industry leaders, gaming companies, and other collegiate esports teams to open the professional world to students. Finally, he hopes to continue to diversify the esports program so as many students as possible can benefit from the ever-changing and ever-growing world of gaming.

“Whether you’re a student exploring the burgeoning world of esports, a seasoned professional considering a pivot into this dynamic field, or simply an enthusiast curious about the impact of competitive gaming, know that the landscape is rich with opportunity. At Champlain College, we stand at the forefront of this exciting industry, not just as participants, but as innovators and educators shaping the future of esports.”

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Alyssa Fabrizio '26
Professional Writing

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