Montreal Summer Culture/Core Program

Photo Collage: Pictures of Students at Locations around Montreal

Dates: May 18–June 17, 2023

As the vibrant cultural capital of Quebec, Montreal enjoys her reputation as a renowned center for independent music, theatre, visual arts, fashion, and circus arts. It is a perfect location for students to have unique, first-hand experiences with diverse cultures, arts and people in our highly engaging courses.

Enhanced by Montreal's dynamic art scene, numerous festivals, and diverse cultural events, the culture courses aim to create meaningful learning experiences that provide students with real-life learning opportunities to further enhance their understanding of Montreal's cultural communities and connect them with people who work in these settings. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in outings around the city, meet artists and work on individual or group projects that will contribute to their personal growth as well as their professional portfolio.

The Montreal Culture Summer classes give students a well-rounded experience of Montreal by selecting two classes in subjects like music, film, or street art. These courses include weekly outings to festivals and cultural gatherings, guest speakers, and project-based learning assignments that connect the learning in the field to the learning outcomes in the classroom.

Students have the opportunity to catch up with their core requirements or make room for a lighter load during the academic year. We're offering two options: COR-201 + COR-202 or COR-301 + COR-302.

COR-200s: Take the following 3-credit courses:

  • COR-201: Science Meaning Making in Montreal. This course studies the application of the scientific method to current environmental issues with a particular focus on how this happens in Montreal. Topics will include biodiversity, forestry, soil, water, fossil fuels, and alternative energy sources, population dynamics, climate change, and others. The scientific, ethical, and political nature of each subject will be covered. Field excursions will give students an opportunity to experience these issues first-hand and see a lot of what Montreal's scientific communities have to offer.
  • COR-202: Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Creative Communities in Montreal. Students will participate in and observe the many different kinds of creative communities in Montreal that flourish in the summer. Students will be asked to collect data about their experiences out in the city and analyze these outings and first-hand experiences in ways that interrogate their new environments.

COR-300S: Choose one COR-301 and one COR-302 from the following 3-credit courses:

  • COR-301/ART-330: Cultural Immersion through Canadian Music. This course explores the history and culture of Canada through the medium of popular music, ranging from the roots to the present day and will encompass numerous musical genres ranging from traditional, jazz, through to contemporary Canadian music.
  • COR-301/FLM-281: Canadian Culture through Film. This course focuses on how individuals and communities living in Montreal produce, distribute, and use film and moving images. We look at cultural themes in Montreal by watching films made in and about Montreal, and by walking through neighbourhoods in the city.
  • COR-302/ART-380: Graffiti and Unsactioned Art in Montreal. This course will help students understand and analyze different types of public art: how the visual aspect of urban art has been used as a communication tool as well as an identifier in Montreal; how it has been both celebrated and critiqued for its boldness.
  • COR-302/WRT-236: Food Writing in Montreal. This course uses food as a lens through which to explore myriad topics - from history and the environment to equality, memory and urban affairs - using all the senses. Students explore Montreal and its unique food landscape through field trips, visits with guest speakers, in-class activities and interactive discussions as well as writing workshops.

Total Cost: $4,975.00 USD

Includes tuition, housing, activities fee, and health insurance. Students are expected to arrive on campus Thursday, May 18, 2023. 

Who should consider applying?

  • Current Champlain students who would like to have first-hand learning experiences that enhance their knowledge of the world
  • Current Champlain College students who are considering or are pursuing a Global Studies Minor
  • Current Champlain students wishing to catch up or take in advance their COR 200s or 300s courses.
  • Students in relevant majors at other institutions of higher education who are interested in spending a summer in Montreal and experiencing the culture first-hand


Champlain College students: Minimum of 50 college credits (for the COR-300 courses) and a minimum of 24 college credits (for the COR-200 courses) by the start of the Summer Program.

Students from other institutions: Minimum of 60 college credits. With your application, please submit a transcript from your home institution.

Payment Deadlines

  • Applications will be accepted as they come in through the March 1st deadline 
  • Deposit of $500 due by March 15th 
  • First payment of $2,000 due by April 15th 
  • Balance due by May 15th 

Equipment Information

  • Access to the computer lab included.


Contact the Champlain Abroad office at about the application process and the Montreal campus.