Faith Yacubian
Faith Yacubian
Affiliated with Division of Education & Human Studies , Social Work

"I am a white, cis-gender woman, temporarily-able-body/mind, lesbian, Armenian American who was raised Christian and with middle-class values and realities. These identities form the lenses through which I make meaning and deconstruct dominant society. I feel it is my responsibility, for my own liberation and ally development, to find ways to, as bell hooks suggests in Teaching to Transgress, transform education didactically and applicably. I would argue that this, then, opens the door for liberatory effects to ensue for students; the peoples about whom they are studying; and the communities with which their learning is engaged."

Faith is the Signature Course Coordinator for the Education and Human Studies Division and adjunct faculty in the Core Division. As the Signature Course Coordinator, Faith designs and teaches courses that bridge partnering majors together and assist students in integrative and advocacy-learning thinking.

Faith received her Masters of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation with a concentration in gender, ecology, and society from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2006. She has been working in the EHS Division for eight years, first as adjunct faculty and more recently as full-time faculty. As an educator, Faith grounds her work in intentional, values-based leadership that aims to meet the ever-changing needs of students who are moving within particular, yet not predictable, identity developmental stages. She has accomplished this by integrating the differing social and racial identity development stages within which students act, think, and move beyond into her teaching. More specifically, she has drawn upon transformative education, critical pedagogy, and post-colonialism discourses in exploring transgressive education.

Academic Interests and Consciousness Chatter with Colleagues
  • Anti-Racist Theory, Queer Theory and Post-Colonial Theory
  • Trans-Disciplinary Education for Social Action
  • Integration of Community Action/Social Movements with Liberatory Learning
Who/What Inspires Me?
  • Advocacy-Organization, such as VT Cares, ANEW Place and Outright VT.
  • Students enacting Civil Disobedience.
  • Responsible and Intervening Media/Political Analysts, like .Mic, Aljazeera and John Oliver.