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Data Science Major

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It's hard to find an industry or academic discipline unaffected by data science. Retailers, activists, politicians, athletes, media outlets—all rely heavily on data science, modeling, and big data systems to guide their success.

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google use machine learning and huge data sets to build groundbreaking, user behavior-based systems that encourage us to watch, buy, or listen. Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations use data when organizing disaster relief and preventing the spread of disease. At Champlain, you'll have four years to explore the various applications of data science and analysis. 

Why Study Data Science at Champlain College?

You are in a unique position to be part of the data revolution. Champlain's focus on social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics will inform your studies in one of the most influential fields in modern history.

The Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to dig into fundamental data science courses beginning in your first semester. Our practice-based approach to learning will have you completing projects and real client work in classes, with support from our expert faculty.

  • Learn to obtain, clean, and process data so you can work accurately and efficiently. 
  • Learn to analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions.
  • Gain hands-on experience using professional tools to work with data and make predictions using statistics and machine learning methods. 
  • Develop the ability to quickly acquire new programming languages as the workplace evolves. 
  • Build professional skills in communication, collaboration, and project management. 

This early learning gives you plenty of time to take on multiple internships—and even intern abroad—throughout your time at Champlain. These internships allow you to explore the field, determine your professional interests, and build a stand-out résumé and LinkedIn profile. 



The 2021 Fiske Guide to Colleges selected Champlain as one of the "best and most interesting schools" in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.


Champlain was named a "Most Innovative School" by U.S. News & World Report (for the seventh consecutive year!) in its "America's Best Colleges" 2022 rankings.


Burlington, Vermont, our hometown, is ranked the #1 Best College Town by Travel + Leisure magazine.


Professor teaching in the Data Science Hub

Data Science Hub

A distinctive part of this program is Champlain’s Data Science Hub: a center where you'll work with mentors from our industry partnerships on real-world projects and data sets, allowing you to hone the most in-demand data science skills.

Dr. Narine Hall, Data Science Program Director

Machine Learning For All

Dr. Narine Hall, Champlain’s Data Science Program Director, is not only training the next generation of data scientists, she’s making data science and machine learning more accessible through a series of pioneering initiatives. Read about the large grant she received from Google to offer machine learning for all.

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Study Abroad

In addition to our home in Vermont, we have campuses in Montreal, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland, plus a mission and curriculum that encourage international study. More than 60% of our students study abroad, and many also intern while they're there. Just imagine all of the life-changing experiences you can have!

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