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Data Analytics Major

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Paint the big picture—and its fine details—in data.

Data is the DNA of every organization. Both a science and an art, the collection, storage, and interpretation of data has quickly become a standard operating procedure in today's information economy. From cloud-based businesses or brick and mortar corner stores, to financial services or social services, it's what shapes strategies, drives decisions, and helps leaders identify areas for opportunity and improvement in nearly every industry.

Why Study Data Analytics at Champlain College?

Discover a topic you love, an issue that inspires you, or a problem that needs solving, and then dive deep into it—again, again, and again. At Champlain College, Data Analytics isn't just routine practice in statistics, charts, and spreadsheets. It's about knowing where and how to find the big picture (and its small, hidden details) and recreate it for leaders in clear, compelling, and informative ways. You'll quickly begin to understand how data tells a story as the Upside-Down Curriculum has you interpreting datasets in your first semester.

With an emphasis on project-based learning, our expert faculty are known to tap their networks and connect students with opportunities to conduct real client work in the classroom, and beyond. In fact, in this high-demand field, it's common for our student interns to get paid for doing what they love, well before they graduate.

As students progress through the program, they will:

  • Guide data-informed decisions with predictive analytics and contextual data analysis
  • Convert data into useful, visual, and concise information and recommendations
  • Strategize using forecasts and predictions derived from statistics and machine learning methods
  • Explore the broad applications, avenues, and professional opportunities in the field
  • Master technological skills of today's market and how to adapt, evolve, and innovate as needed

Just the Facts


The average salary of more than 100,000 data science jobs in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Job growth for data scientists expected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2020 - 2030.


Percent of employed Data Science graduates are working directly in their major.


Professor Narine Hall leans against a stone building.

Learn and Work with the Best

From machine learning at Google to climate change research supported by the National Sciences Foundation, our expert faculty aren't just just active in their fields—they're leading them. And professors like Narine Hall are looking to their students for a hand in their projects and research teams.

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Intern in Your Interests

Whether you like getting in the weeds of complex global supply chain challenges or trying your hand at art and design, your passions and personal interests have a place in the data science profession. Champlain's Centers of Experience—like the Emergent Media Center (pictured above) or Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cyber Security—offer students professional experiences  and internships in various industries, right here on campus. Our faculty and Career Collaborative are dedicated to helping you find and get in the door to your chosen career.

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Your People. Your Community.

Studying at one of the top-ranked schools for information technology has its perks, but the ultimate will be the people you get to explore them with. Every year, the Division of Information Technology & Sciences is home to countless collaborative events, clubs, and opportunities  like conferences, cybersecurity competitions, and hackathons that bring students together and with their professional community. Meet your people.

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