Game Studio

Taking game ideas from concept to execution is a team effort. Real game industry studios revolve around collaboration, which is why the Champlain College Game Studio places students in a setting that replicates the experience they'll have as graduates.

Work on a Team in the Champlain College Game Studio

Facilitated by our game-industry expert professors, the cohort experience emphasizes teamwork across all the game development disciplines. Game Art, Game Design, Game Programming, and Game Production Management majors work side by side to create original projects. 

Each team member gets to see firsthand how their work affects a project. This early experience allows you to fine-tune your collaboration and communication skills—you learn to speak the languages of game creation with students in other roles, so work stays on track and progresses efficiently. You'll be learning professional social skills as you master the latest game development tools and techniques. 

Be ready to jump right into the game industry with a full understanding of how a professional game studio team functions. Through your résumé, portfolio, and confident interviewing, you'll be able to demonstrate to employers that you've already been doing the work for which they're considering hiring you.

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