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Change the game.

Then change it again. Endless possibilities open up when you bring your users and audiences into the story.

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Break out of linear storylines.

If you love getting lost in a good story, we invite you to start writing your own at Champlain College with our Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media program. This Bachelor of Science degree is designed with the future of the industry in mind—one that’s fueled by talented storytellers, designers, and writers. At its core, the program is all about crafting captivating stories and bringing them to life in the digital world.

Think of interactive narratives as an upgrade to traditional storytelling. Unlike linear narratives, where you merely follow along, interactive narratives allow you to engage with the story’s world and make choices that influence how the tale unfolds. This non-linear approach depends entirely on your decisions as the player or reader, offering a dynamic and personalized experience.

Interactive narrative concepts and techniques are extending further beyond the game industry. They are being used to craft scenarios for simulations, enhance education and training in areas like business, military, and trades; to design non-linear user experiences in software, and even influence marketing strategies. Interactive narratives are a versatile tool that are increasingly transforming the way we learn, explore, and experience.

Whether you’re immersed in a story or navigating new digital landscapes, consider the impact of interactive narratives. They provide a dynamic way to experience and shape narratives, making storytelling a more engaging and participatory adventure, breaking free from the constraints of a linear narrative structure.


Applications for the BS in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media will be available beginning Fall 2024 for Fall 2025 enrollment. Don’t want to wait? Apply as Undeclared in the Division of Communication & Creative Media to start taking classes in the major in Fall 2024.

To learn more, contact the Program Director Kel Bachus. He would love to hear from you!

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Why Interactive Narrative at Champlain?

Be Among the First

Champlain’s Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media is one of the first four-year academic programs for interactive narrative in the country. This is your opportunity to be at the leading edge of a growing industry!

Choose Your Own Adventure

In this program, you’ll get to handpick three collaboration-focused classes that align with your interests and aspirations. With our Collaboration Electives, you’ll have a tailored curriculum that opens doors to our Game Studio and Creative Studio Experiences, bringing you closer to your desired career in games or digital media.

Built-in Creative & Professional Community

Whether you choose to pursue courses in the Game Studio, Creative Studio, or a mix of both, you’ll have access to resources, career opportunities, employers, alumni, and supportive faculty and classmates from across majors.


According to Glassdoor.com, interaction designers earn competitive salaries, reflecting the high demand for their specialized skills.


No giant lecture halls here. Your average class size will be small enough for personal attention and engaging interactions.


Champlain College was listed among the “Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report in 2024.

Sample Curriculum in the Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media Major

The Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media major is among the most forward-looking programs offered at Champlain College. You’ll have the flexibility to choose electives and collaborative projects that provide hands-on learning in a studio-like environment.

Second Year

GMD 350 Interactive Narrative II

Third Year

Program Elective
Collaboration Elective II

Fourth Year

CCC 410INN Capstone in Interactive Narrative
INN or XXX 4XX Interactive Narrative Portfolio
Interactive Narrative Studio
Collaborative Elective III

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Career Success

With a BS in Interactive Narrative from Champlain College, you’ll be prepared for roles such as a game writer, narrative designer, interactive media producer, virtual reality storyteller, and more.

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By the time you graduate, you will…

  • develop your authentic voice and become fearlessly open to new ideas and possibilities
  • adopt and apply technology to a wide range of creative and practical narrative problems
  • research, prototype, and iterate on workable narrative solutions that connect people with each other and technology
  • work with colleagues, clients, and audiences toward a shared, cohesive goal

You’ll find a career in…

  • game writing
  • UX/UI writing
  • narrative design
  • interactive media producer
  • virtual reality storyteller
  • interactive education
  • immersive events & experiences
  • A high-school-aged student uses a camera at Champlain's pre-college summer program
    Pre-College Summer Program: Filmmaking & Media Production Exploration Academy

    The Filmmaking & Media Production Exploration Academy offers students the opportunity to learn about many of the different jobs available in creating content for film, television, and streaming – including movies, web series, documentaries, commercials, social media, drama, comedy and more. Students work together in a hands-on, supportive environment under the guidance of industry experts with extensive experience working at major film studios and networks.

    This program is for students entering grades 10–12 and recent high school graduates.

    Learn More on the Pre-College Summer Program Website

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