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Why should I apply as Undecided in the School of Social Innovation?

Whether your passions lie with people or the environment, all our majors in the School of Social Innovation are game-changers. Here, you’ll find the support you need to choose the major and a career that makes a world of difference. No matter if you want to shape the future through education or protect the planet through sustainable policies, you’ll learn about integrated thinking and learning with a focus on service and social justice.

Many of our majors offer concentrations, including Computer Science Teaching in our Education major and Health and Wellbeing in our Psychology major, allowing you to further your skills in a specific area of study. You can remain undeclared for your entire first year, all while working closely with your faculty advisor. Most students are ready to declare a major by their sophomore year.

A lot of students worry about applying to college without declaring a major. But at Champlain, we want each and every student to continually explore options and opportunities—and we’ve created an environment and a culture that doesn’t just support that, it encourages it. If you have a general idea of what you’d like to study in the School of Social Innovation, but don’t know which major would be the best choice, we encourage you to apply Undeclared.

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Why Champlain College?

Community Connection

At Champlain, casual conversations turn into life-changing, career-determining events. Your connections and relationship will run deep, thanks to our small average class size of 15 and student/faculty ratio of 11:1.

Try Things Out

Our experiential learning means doing and learning go hands-in-hand. The Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to take a semester or two to explore academic options in several majors and still graduate on time. We want you to love what you learn, and we don’t believe in making you wait to know for sure.

Carve Out Your Career

Meet your career advisor for all your job and internship needs. They’ll discuss your strengths and interests, conduct a series of assessments to help evaluate your personal preferences, and match you with opportunities that best suit your interests.

Support from the Start

Help will always be given to those who ask for it—but at Champlain, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the assistance you need, on your own terms. Between your professors, career advisors, and peer advisors to your academic advisors and your residence hall advisor, someone is always looking out for you. (And saying “Hi” to you in the hallway.)

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