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Create Your Own Major

Customize your college experience as an Integrative Professional Studies major. Graduate with a degree tailored to your passions.

Design the perfect degree for your future career

Champlain’s flexible, modular curriculum gives you the freedom to be creative and get a little messy with your education, while also providing structure and guidance to blaze your own path.

As an Integrative Professional Studies major, you have the opportunity to build your own customized degree. The Degree Design Lab will help you combine your varied interests, explore your passions, and create a focused plan of study to achieve your academic and career goals. When you graduate, you’ll be ready for your chosen career – 100% of 2022 Integrative Professional Studies graduates were working in their fields after graduation.

The Degree Design Lab is built on Champlain College’s values, including opportunities for study abroad, an ideal way to develop proficiency in Champlain’s Global and Cultural Understanding competency.

We feel strongly that intercultural understanding is not just important for professional success, but an essential component to being human. We’ve created customizable international learning opportunities specifically for DDL students, including a competitive summer internship abroad, service learning, and remote professional collaborations. Intercultural immersion is an important aspect of the Degree Design Lab, because it will engage students in experiences that highlight professionalism in a global context.

Study abroad experiences in Dublin or Montreal are also available to DDL students.

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How It Works

Choose Your Threads

Choose two to three minors or threads (AKA your academic pathway for the next 4 years) from a selection of career-focused programs. This is your chance to combine your passions and build an amazing foundation of expertise in each area.

Expand Your Thinking

Degree Design Lab courses offer a chance to create connections between your varied interests through individual and collaborative projects.

Make Connections

You’ll work closely with a faculty mentor who will coach you through your studies. As an expert in interdisciplinary thinking, your mentor will help you gain the skills that employers want and develop as not only a professional, but a person.

Put it all Together

Throughout your college experience, you’ll tackle real-world problems and make significant impacts in a variety of local and global settings.

The best way to love what you learn

As you progress through the program, you’ll take specific DDL courses that act as bridges between your chosen fields. These courses are designed to foster interdisciplinary and collaborative thinking, enabling you to integrate your knowledge and skills from different fields into meaningful and practical applications.

By combining different areas of study and fostering interdisciplinary thinking, you’ll graduate with a well-rounded skill set that will make you an adaptable and innovative professional in a rapidly changing job market.

  • The Integrative Professional Studies major at Champlain College is an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program that allows you to design your own customized curriculum by combining two to three areas of study from a variety of academic disciplines offered at the College. It is a unique program that emphasizes creative problem-solving, experiential learning, and the development of essential skills valued by employers.

    For example, if you enjoy video games, music, and analyzing trends, you could take courses in game sound design and data analytics to create innovative and interactive game experiences that use data-driven insights to improve user engagement and experience.

    The Integrative Professional Studies major allows you to combine your passions and skills from different fields, allowing you to create a personalized educational path that aligns with your unique interests and career aspirations.

  • At the heart of the Integrative Professional Studies major is the Degree Design Lab (DDL), where you’ll find a program that allows you to experience college on your own terms. With the DDL, you’ll design your academic journey around your unique interests, passions, and career aspirations.

    Through the Degree Design Lab, you’ll work closely with faculty mentors who are experts in interdisciplinary learning. They will help plan your coursework, identify appropriate assignments, and maximize your experiential learning opportunities. This collaborative and hands-on approach will encourage you to think critically, explore different fields of study, and make meaningful connections across disciplines.

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Real World Experiences

Champlain has forged partnerships with local businesses and nonprofit organizations that will provide you with opportunities for hands-on work in various industries.

By the time you graduate, you will…

  • Demonstrate professional expertise in their chosen fields of study, as well as the agility to apply their expertise across and between multiple professional contexts
  • Recognize and apply appropriate interdisciplinary and integrative strategies for solving complex problems
  • Contextualize “professionalism” and the professions within broader social and cultural conditions
  • Apply critical judgement that is predicated on asking good questions and recognizing the value of diverse perspectives

You’ll find a career that intersects all of your interests.

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