Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

Designing, building and securing enterprise network and computing environments are the types of technical quests that excite Computer Networking & Cybersecurity majors.

In today's interconnected world, the implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure and protection of digital information are a priority for organizations and society at large. The fields of networking, systems and IT operations and cybersecurity are also becoming more complex as societies, industries and government agencies come to rely on digital networks, systems and technology in everyday operations.

Champlain's Computer Networking & Cybersecurity Bachelor of Science program has been designated a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance by the National Security Agency, and this program will give you an extensive and practical grounding in networking and security, and prepare you for a position in a modern cybersecurity, systems administration or networking role.  

Hands-On Education in Small Class Sizes

With networking and security becoming an increasingly complex field, successful students need to develop a strong skill set and knowledge with systems early on in their college careers. Thanks to our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll  start taking networking and cybersecurity courses beginning in your first semester. Gain proficiency in server software installation, systems administration functions, networks and network services configurations, and LAN and WAN technology and protocols.

Our fully virtualized lab provides the capability to create a variety of networking and security configurations and environments. You'll scan networks for vulnerabilities, secure the systems and learn how networks, Web servers and databases are integrated to deliver information and how to design those systems to be secure. As you come to understand how attacks are staged against network infrastructure and how to mitigate those attacks, you'll learn to develop security policies and integrate security into systems administration and network design. Learn more about our current course offerings. 


Learn from instructors who are industry experts in networking and information assurance. They'll give you the hands-on technical skills you need to stand out in the field. Meet our faculty. 

Specializations & Minors

All students in the Computer Networking & Cybersecurity program must select a focus area of study to complete their degree. You can specialize in Network & Security Operations, where you learn to design, implement and maintain the infrastructure; Cybersecurity Operations, which focuses on detection and prevention of cyber attacks; or you can specialize in Systems & IT Infrastructure Operations, which focuses on the server, workstation, virtualization and cloud computing environments that are prevalent in today's businesses  In addition to a specialization, you have the option to complete a minor in subjects like Managing Information Systems, Mathematics, Computer Science or Computer & Digital Forensics. 


Our students are highly sought after for paid internships and positions after only their second year of study and have a variety of career options with technology companies, both regionally and nationally during the summer and after they graduate. In addition to external internships, you can get hands-on experience in paid positions in Champlain's Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI), a fully equipped, state-of-the-art digital forensics investigation lab, where you'll work with professional digital forensics investigators and law enforcement officials on actual investigations. See where our students have interned. 

Conferences & Competitions

You may participate in a variety of national security conferences and regional network defense competitions, like the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.