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Individualized Studies & Undeclared

Learn what you love, and love what you learn.

When one size doesn’t fit all, create your own path.

Tailor your educational experience to meet your needs, combining various subjects to design the perfect major for YOU.

With the Degree Design Lab, you’ll brainstorm with professionals devoted to crafting your perfect pathway rather than trying to fit you into an existing major. And through this multi-disciplinary approach, you’ll prove your ability to think outside the box, taking charge of your education and your future.

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Individualized Study & Undeclared

No major, no problem. Create the perfect degree for YOU with the help of professionals dedicated to helping you uncover your passions and connect your interests.

Explore the Possibilities in this Pathway
I am somebody that loves many different things and wants to learn about so many different areas. When I found out about DDL, it was the perfect option for me. A career that involves interdisciplinary work is so important. Being able to prove that you know how to combine different areas of study and be able to create work that showcases that is really important.
Olivia Sommerer
Olivia Sommerer ‘23, Degree Design Lab // Concentrations: Communications, Innovation, Social Justice // Jupiter, FL
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Career Options

As a creative professional who thinks outside the box, you’ll stand out as a strategic thinker, insightful planner and tech-savvy problem solver.

  • Publicist
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Technical Writer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product Design
  • Web Developer
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Grant Writer
  • Sustainability Coordinator

Career Outcomes

The best way to uncover what you love is to try things out. Our Upside-Down Curriculum gets you in career-focused classes early so you can test drive a variety of fields.

From there, you’ll start narrowing down the possibilities until you find the right fit.

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The DDL offers a space where more than one discipline can live and interact together, and when that happens, amazing work results. My two fields of study are cybersecurity and social justice, which have more in common than some people might think.
Jessica Turner
Jessica Turner ’22, Integrative Professional Studies (DDL) // Wilmington, MA


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