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What does it mean to be an artist in the 21st century? How do innovations in the fine arts and popular media inform each other? Our distinctive Creative Media major allows you to develop your own ideas about artistic expression and push boundaries in unprecedented ways.

You will gain skills in multiple media forms while tackling big-picture ideas. You'll understand how rapidly evolving social media platforms are affecting the way art is produced and experienced and learn how digital and traditional approaches can be combined. You'll explore the artistic process by evaluating, deconstructing and revising your work in innovative production classes and seminars. And you will be supported in developing your own distinctive voice as a creative artist.

Through collaborations with other students, classroom teaching and hands-on experience, you'll become conscious of branding, entrepreneurship and curatorial practices, grounding you in the business of interdisciplinary artistic endeavor. You will gain proficiencies in multiple areas to increase your marketability in a variety of dynamic creative industries. You'll graduate with a broad portfolio, and you will have built a highly marketable résumé that will help you stand out in this extremely competitive field.

Specialize in Three Unique Disciplines

Every Creative Media student chooses three areas of study—one primary and two complementary—from six professionally focused artistic disciplines:

  • CREATIVE WRITING Develop your unique voice through the craft and discipline of writing.
  • GAME MEDIA This specialization focuses on the production of electronic games, including opportunities for courses in game design and asset creation.
  • INTERACTION DESIGN You'll concentrate on the sensory side of interfaces—sounds, images, and motion in digital products—with an emphasis on interactivity as a design element.
  • MOVING IMAGE (FILM & VIDEO) You'll study the moving image as a form of expression from narrative storytelling to non-narrative, experimental filmmaking.
  • SONIC ARTS Learn sound recording and music production techniques, including signal flow, mixing, mastering, compression and online delivery.
  • VISUAL ART & DESIGN You'll push artistic boundaries while studying a combination of drawing, print making, photography and digital art.

Student Academic Experience

Through our Upside-Down Curriculum, you will take courses relevant to your major during your first year at Champlain, which will encourage you to explore your ideas about art and experiment creatively with different forms of media. Starting in your second year, you'll take essential studio workshop (Portfolio I & II) and seminar (Salon I, II, & III) courses.

In the workshops, you will build a portfolio, learn to critique your work and that of your peers, and grow confident in your sense of self-expression. In Salon seminars, you will study the theoretical underpinnings of art in the Western and global traditions, and engage in creative discussions about the arts. You will ultimately develop competencies in collaboration, time management, iteration, problem solving and essetial communication skills that are attractive to employers.


Taught by practicing professionals from within the industry, your classes will not only instruct you on developing new concepts but allow you to engage with a network of professional artists who will support and critique your ideas. Through faculty connections, you'll have the chance to get involved in Burlington's thriving art and design community. Meet your faculty.


By the end of your fourth year, your portfolio will contain personal works that include performances, public art events, drawings, films, musical compositions, poetry, blogs, sculptures, art installations and other creative work you want to showcase to employers.

Center for Communications & Creative Media

Our Creative Media students can take full advantage of our Center for Communication & Creative Media—a state-of-the-art, 75,000-square-foot facility with game and audio labs, studio spaces, art gallery and exhibit areas, a traditional and digital photo lab, a film soundstage and space for print making, including silk screen and lithography.

Champlain College Art Gallery & Events

The Champlain College Art Gallery hosts a steady stream of visiting artists, exhibitions and performances—the Creative Media program is at the center of it all. From radical game design and experimental electronic music to video installations and autobiographical cartooning, the Creative Media's program close collaboration with the Champlain Art Gallery means you will have many opportunities for inspiration.

Access to Art & Media Resources

Champlain is home to all types of creative students. Whether you're into traditional or digital arts, emergent media, filmmaking, game programming, business or writing, our campus is equipped for artists of all kinds in all majors with cutting-edge resources and spaces to create. Along with the Center for Communication & Creative Media (CCM), there are many access points on campus for first-hand experience with professional technical equipment and technology, including the Emergent Media Center, MakerLab and traditional photography lab and darkroom. Click here for more information.

Study Abroad

You can choose to take your international study at our campus in Montreal, Canada, or in Dublin, Ireland, or through one of our third-party programs. If you are interested in studying abroad, start talking with your advisor about your options before the end of your sophomore year.  Learn about study abroad.

Career Success

Creative Media students have gained valuable experience interning with local arts centers, such as the Flynn Center for Performing Arts and Burlington City Arts. Graduates have also gone on to pursue graduate school and work in professions that vary from the art world to new media and technology fields. 

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