Career Success

Why Graphic Design & Digital Media?

Every book, magazine, poster, advertisement, logo, website, product graphic or exhibit design began as a creative spark in the mind of a graphic designer.

The work of today's graphic designers spans an exciting array of media, from conventional printing to emerging digital platforms; that dynamic landscape combined with the timeless quality of graphic design—mixing words and images to communicate visually—assures a rewarding career of disseminating ideas, knowledge and opinions to a global audience.

From graphic identity systems to books, magazines and newspapers; from print and television advertisements to websites and electronic publications; from sports products and package design to exhibits and museum displays, the world of possibility for well-educated and highly skilled graphic designers and digital media specialists is wide open.

Why Graphic Design & Digital Media at Champlain College?

According to a study conducted by AIGA, the professional association for design, and Adobe, the maker of digital creation tools like Photoshop, the designer of 2015 will need a "broad understanding of issues related to the cognitive, social, cultural, technological and economic contexts for design, "as well as "the ability to work in a global environment with understanding of cultural preservation" and "an understanding of ethics in practice" among other competencies above and beyond traditional graphic design skills.

Few, if any other, institutions offering graphic design degrees are providing the comprehensive, integrated education necessary to cultivate all of these critical competencies. Champlain's forward-thinking program absolutely does. In fact, 81% of Graphic Design & Digital Media graduates of the Class of 2016 are employed, and of them, 95% are in positions relevant to their career goals. 

Champlain Graphic Design & Digital Media Graduates Are Ready

  • You'll mature as a graphic designer, mastering the basics of form, color, composition, typography, photography, layout and motion graphics.

  • In addition to the extensive career-focused programs and support offered College-wide, each of Champlain's career-focused majors feature skill-building hands-on learning opportunities and other major-specific programs that help our students create highly marketable resumes.

  • Receive intensive personal support from a devoted faculty that provides teaching excellence, professional knowledge and attentive advising.

  • Enjoy opportunities to intern at internationally known companies, like Jager DiPaolo Kemp, Burton, Rome Snowboard Design, or Select Design, among many other organizations, including those in the not-for-profit sector.