Graphic Design & Digital Media Learning Outcomes

As a Graphic Design & Digital Media major, you'll mature as an artist and designer, mastering the basics of form, color, typography, photography, layout and motion graphics. Our project-based approach will build your skills and portfolio as you work toward a career of creating designs that will promote, inspire and educate. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Art/Design History, Theory and Criticism: Evaluate the aesthetic content of artistic works within a specific historical, cultural and/or commercial context.
  • Communication: Demonstrate an effective transference of ideas.
  • Creative Aesthetic Fluency: Recognize and apply aesthetic principles within non-original and original works, respectively.
  • Integrative Learning: Demonstrate the synthesis of learning from disparate fields into a tangibly synergistic form.
  • Professionalism: Display a professional demeanor in managing time, materials and information, as it reveals motivation, attitude and work ethic.
  • Technique: Able both to determine the mode(s) of production required to achieve a specific product and to demonstrate level-appropriate mastery of skills, manual and/or digital, necessary to achieve those products