Professional Writing

Writing is changing faster than almost any other professional field. If you want a career as a writer, you will need a strong foundation in the mechanics of good writing and editing, a storyteller's gift for narrative and a poet's eye for capturing detail.

Champlain's Bachelor of Science program in Professional Writing is one of the few undergraduate writing programs that's keeping pace with a rapidly transforming landscape. As in traditional writing programs, Champlain offers multiple levels of courses in fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. However, our Professional Writing program offers you an unparalleled range of electives from writing children's literature and songwriting to travel writing, playwriting and genre writing, as well as career-focused courses in grant writing, technical writing, copyediting and publishing. No matter what type of writing you want to pursue, this program prepares you to thrive as a writer with exposure to multiple genres and with skills and abilities relevant in a number of careers.

Professional Writing Major Optional Specializations

As a Professional Writing Major you have the opportunity to specialize your degree in one of three focus areas for a highly marketable degree.

  • Journalism Learn fundamental to advanced skills of journalism and how journalists use online and social media venues to disseminate news.
  • Publishing You'll work with print and digital projects to build skills in editing, design, illustration, marketing, social media and event planning.
  • Screenwriting Learn the fundamentals of story ideas for film, character development, conflict, dialogue, dramatic structure and script formatting.

Student Academic Experience

Through Champlain's Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll take program-specific courses—including Introduction to the Writing Profession, Media and Society and Introduction to Creative Writing—in your first year. Then, you'll be able to customize your degree by taking courses outside the program in areas like graphic design, web development, business and marketing, as well as by pursuing a specialization or a minor. You'll work closely with your academic advisor to ensure that you get the most from your time at Champlain. You'll take professional practices courses that will enhance your digital presence on numerous social media platforms; prepare your cover letter, resume and portfolio for the job market; strategize for career plans and develop professional contacts; and navigate ethical and legal issues in the profession.


Professional Writing faculty members aren't just professors—they're dedicated writers, published authors, poets and journalists who gained their expertise by working in the fields they're now teaching. Meet our Professional Writing faculty.

Champlain College Publishing Initiative

The unique Champlain College Publishing Initiative (CCPI) offers you the opportunity to work on creative, innovative projects in traditional and indie publishing. CCPI also blogs regularly about the publishing industry and produces a wide variety of multi-genre literary magazines. Learn more about CCPI.

Publish or Perform

Almost all of our students have had work published or performed by graduation. In addition to the CCPI, you can get involved and take internships in student-run writing and publishing ventures on campus, such as the The Crossover news and arts zine, Willard & Maple literary magazine and The Weathervane, the Division of Communication & Creative Media's academic magazine.


Professional Writing students take multiple, for-credit internships. You'll gain hands-on, professional experience in fields as divergent as electronic media writing, marketing, business, web writing, press releases and profile writing, journalism, politics and many others. Explore past internships.

Study Abroad

Professional Writing students have studied in Tibet, Nepal, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, France, England, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Bosnia and India. You also may spend a semester at Champlain's campuses in Montreal, Canada, or Dublin, Ireland. Learn about study abroad options.

Career Outlook

There's no limit to where Professional Writing graduates are doing what they love. Some have gone on to be managing editors, production assistants, content developers, copywriters, marketers, bloggers, social media writers, and freelance writers around the country and across the world.