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If you want a career as a writer, you'll need a solid foundation in the mechanics of good writing and editing, a storyteller's gift for narrative, a poet's eye for detail, and a desire to continue developing your talents in a dynamic industry. 

Why Study Professional Writing at Champlain College?

While you'll certainly explore literature and learn to critique writing, this is not an English degree. At Champlain College, you learn the professional aspects of writing and how to get paid doing what you love.

 Students start thinking like professionals from their first semester. Virtually all Professional Writing majors are published by the time they graduate, and many are earning freelance income as undergraduates.  

As a Professional Writing student, you'll:

  • spend time in classes and workshops preparing for life after college;
  • take professional practice courses that will enhance your digital presence on numerous social media platforms;
  • prepare your cover letter, résumé, and portfolio for the job market;
  • strategize your career plans and develop professional contacts; 
  • take courses in marketing and public relations so you can promote yourself; and
  • navigate ethical and legal issues in the profession.

Student work in the Professional Writing major includes a teen sci-fi television series; an anthology of essays and poems about womanhood and girlhood; a series of articles about the interactions between transgender identity and organized religion; anthologies of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction; produced plays; five shorts written and produced for television; and many others. 

Professional Writing

Academic Experience

Through Champlain's Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll take program-specific courses in your first year. This early experience allows you much more time to refine your style and explore your professional interests.

 As a Professional Writing major at Champlain, you will tailor your education by choosing one of the following three specializations: 

  • Editing/Publishing: Focus on editing the writing of others or preparing for various roles within the publishing world.  
  • Creative Writing/Literature: Learn how to earn a living as a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry.
  • Journalism: Prepare for staff or freelance opportunities in this rapidly evolving media landscape. 

In addition to your required specialization, you may choose to focus on Screenwriting as an optional specialization.

Whichever specialization you choose, you'll be able to supplement your learning and your skills by taking electives from all three specializations and throughout various other programs. You'll be introduced to a range of forms and styles of writing that will expand your abilities.

You can also choose to pursue any of Champlain's minors, tailoring your education to suit your goals. You'll work closely with your Academic Advisor to ensure that you get the most from your time at Champlain.

Center for Publishing

The Center for Publishing (CFP) is your on-campus opportunity to work on creative, innovative projects in traditional and digital publishing. The CFP also blogs regularly about the publishing industry, provides training and workshops that cover multiple aspects of literary life, and offers many internship opportunities.

Current student-run publications include:

Faculty-directed but fully student-created opportunities include:

  • The Broadside, CFP's email newsletter
  • The Weathervane, the Division of Communication & Creative Media's magazine

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