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The Community College of Vermont (CCV) and Champlain College have established a transfer agreement that allows CCV students to apply credits from a specific completed associate degree program toward the completion of specific bachelor's degree program at Champlain. This agreement applies to each of the program-to-program arrangements indicated below.

Please note: The Champlain/CCV Transfer Agreement applies only to campus-based traditional undergraduate programs. Additional agreements apply to Champlain Online programs.

How does the transfer process from CCV to Champlain work?

You may apply to transfer to Champlain's campus programs if you meet the following requirements. If admitted, you may earn your bachelor's degree upon completion of 60 credits specifically designated by the particular Champlain College curriculum that aligns with your CCV associate degree program. Pathways were designed to include all required courses; however prerequisite courses may have to be taken at Champlain if they were not taken at CCV. Simply:

  • Complete a qualifying associate degree at CCV having earned a minimum of 60 credits.
  • Graduate from CCV in good academic, behavioral, and financial standing.

Occasionally, a program covered under this agreement may require the completion of more than 60 credits; these programs are noted with an asterisk below. If you're interested in studying Graphic Design & Visual Communication, Creative Media, or Filmmaking, you'll also submit a portfolio with your application. In order to graduate from Champlain College, you must also meet all graduation requirements.

The CCV/Champlain Transfer Agreement

Transfer Credits

Your CCV associate degree will be accepted as a block of 60 credits. Beyond the block of 60 credits, you can request up to a maximum of 15 additional credits to be accepted in transfer, provided that these courses are similar to required or elective courses that are offered at Champlain and meet Champlain degree requirements, and the earned grade is C or higher. Similarity is based on criteria provided by your new division Dean or designee, and judgments are made at the College's discretion. Additionally, Champlain may re-evaluate credits that CCV previously accepted as transfer credit from another institution.

Credits vs. Grades

Credit hours for transferred courses are given full value; however, your grades are not transferred to your permanent Champlain College record and do not become part of your cumulative grade point average at Champlain. In all cases, a minimum of 45 credits must be completed at Champlain and this must include 15 hours of 300 level or higher courses in the major.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

We'll provide all the help you need to navigate the transfer process. Each admitted CCV student will be given all of the same rights and privileges offered to existing Champlain College students, including participation in the financial aid programs, student counseling or coaches and advising, and other student services. In return, you must comply with and will be bound by the standards and regulations of Champlain College in effect at the time of your application for admission.

Champlain Majors & Degrees By Division Included In Transfer Agreement:

*Program requires more than 60 credits to be completed at Champlain.

Division of Communication & Creative Media (CCM)
CCV students who complete an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Design and Media Studies may choose to apply to the following campus programs:

School of Social Innovation

Division of Information Technology & Sciences (ITS)

Robert P. Stiller School of Business (SSB)

Questions? Contact Leah Miller, Assistant Director of Admissions at (802) 551-1958 or

Non-discrimination/Equal Opportunity Statement

Both CCV and Champlain each affirm their commitment to providing equal opportunity in education for qualified people and operate their education-related programs without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, place of birth, marital status, ancestry, religion, age, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, veteran or military service status, HIV-positive status, genetic information, qualified disability, and/or any other status to the extent protected, and as defined by, applicable law.

Interested in Learning More?

Thank you for your interest in transferring to Champlain College! If you'd like to know more about being an on campus undergraduate student at Champlain, fill out this form and we'll send you all sorts of useful information (and other nifty things). Don't worry, we won't bombard you with a ton of paper!

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