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  • If you have determined that you would like to withdraw from Champlain College, please submit the College Withdrawal Form. Simply not going to class does not constitute an official withdrawal. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the withdrawal form is submitted.

    Students are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisor as well as the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounts prior to withdrawing.

    Students living on campus will have 48 hours to vacate their residence halls after their withdrawal request has been processed. Students will receive a grade of W for any uncompleted courses that they are being withdrawn from.

    Please contact the Registrar’s Office with any academic questions related to college withdrawal. The Registrar’s Office will process your withdrawal form and send you an email confirmation once the withdrawal has been processed. Please email with any questions.

    If you are considering a Medical Withdrawal, please first review our Medical Withdrawal Policy and then contact our Counseling Center at (802) 865-5731 or the Student Health Center at (802) 860-2711 to work with them directly.

  • Submit a completed Course Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office prior to withdrawing from a class. You may withdraw from a course up until the Friday of the 11th week of the semester and receive a “W” on your transcript; after this time, you may not withdraw from a course.

    Contact your Faculty Advisor or Academic Specialist for more information.

  • For students who withdraw between academic terms (ie: during summer or winter), please submit the Course Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office. The form is available directly from the Registrar’s Office—please contact us if you need one.

  • A minor is a career enhancement for students, different from a student’s major or discipline. Some programs require that students select a minor.

    • Any minor is open to any student
    • Minors will be 15-21 credit hours.
      • Students in 15 credit minors are required to complete 9 unique credits
      • Students in 18 credit minors are required to complete 12 unique credits
      • Students in 21 credit minors are required to complete 15 unique credits.

    Refer to the College Catalog and click on Programs of Study to view the list of minor options.

    After discussions with advisors, students may wish to select a minor from those available across all academic units. Students wishing to select a minor will do so using this online form.

    It should be understood that the selection of a minor may extend the time needed to fulfill all course requirements, unless the minor is required.

  • Champlain College offers non‐degree admission to students who wish to take undergraduate courses without pursuing an undergraduate degree. Complete the Non-Degree Registration Form to begin registration.

  • With permission of the instructor and the Dean responsible for the course in question, an interim grade of incomplete may be assigned for a course in which the student has met the criteria. This grade is noted “I” on the transcript until the student finishes the coursework.

    Coursework must be completed no later than the deadline set by the instructor and no later than eight weeks after the last day of exams for the semester in which you were enrolled in the above course. If the coursework is not completed by the deadline, the incomplete will be converted to a grade of “F” after the eighth week.

    To pursue this option, speak with your instructor to discuss if you qualify and to seek permission.

  • Students attending college often need to have their enrollment verified. Specifically, it is common for students to need proof of enrollment to be eligible for insurance coverage and student loan deferment.

    Enrollment Verification Process

  • A student who wishes to return to Champlain College as an undergraduate student, after any separation, must contact the Registrar’s Office and complete the re-entry process. The student’s academic record and GPA remain intact during separation.

    Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed, and is subject to availability in each program. Every candidate for readmission will be given full consideration.

    Guide to Reenrollment & Readmission

    Traditional Student Readmission Form

  • The Transfer Course Approval Form is for students requesting to take transfer coursework outside of Champlain College during a summer/winter term.

Additional Forms

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