Five Champlain graduates huddle together and watch the sunset over Lake Champlain in their caps and gowns.

Class of 2023: 90% Career Success

Wow. Within only six months, graduates from the Class of 2023 achieved career success.

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Career Collaborative

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Individualized Career Support

100% of Champlain students work with our career coaches—every major, every year for four years. With an assigned specialist in their major, our students know that their career coach understands the industry and has an established network of relevant contacts.

More than the Average Career Fair

From our employer site visits to national conferences, Champlain’s Career Collaborative coordinates with offices all across the college, organizing hundreds of events each year that connect our students to professionals in their industries.

Not Just for Current Students

Champlain’s Career Collaborative is a resources for both current students and alumni. We are here to help all our students—past and present—as they navigate the various seasons of their professional lives.

Career Collaborative is essentially the career placement department that really helps students be prepared for career success and developing their professional self.
Kendrick NgYow, Game Production Management Major

Community & Industry Partnerships

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Breaking Down Walls

Burlington is increasingly recognized as a growing hub for tech and a hot spot for startups. By creating partnerships with areas companies and organizations, Champlain College breaks down the walls between the workplace and the classroom.

Partners in Innovation

Our partnership with Hula, a coworking campus and business incubator, brings students and local industries to the same physical space. Not only do we have offices at Hula, we also have professional support staff dedicated to connecting students with opportunities there.

Employer Relations

We prioritize employer relations by seeking out regional and national employers, meeting with alumni, and engaging faculty to develop partnerships that are dedicated to training and hiring students.

Champlain literally puts you in the real world on your first day. You’re coding for projects that people on Church Street need to get done. You’re doing photography projects for local businesses. You’re ACTIVELY BECOMING a member of this society rather than learning what it LOOKS like to become a member.
Riaz Clark, Social Work | Ann Arbor, MI

Let’s Get Ready

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Ready for Work

We’re developing forward-thinking individuals who are ready to hit the ground running after graduation. Our Upside-Down Curriculum and hands-on experience in career-focused majors prepare them for career success.

Ready for Life

We’re building whole beings here, because we know there’s more to life than a career. Our InSight Program teaches Champlain students how to manage their finances, build resiliency, maintain their wellbeing, and grow their network. Independence is what it’s all about.

Ready to Make a Difference

We’re determined to help make the world a better place. Champlain works tirelessly to give students opportunities to broaden their perspective and uncover unexpected approaches to challenges. Because the better they understand the world, the greater their impact will be.

I love working with Champlain grads and students, they have been well prepared to work and are eager to do well.
Kathie Cheney, PHR, Technical Connection, Inc. | Burlington, VT

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