How do all these letters and numbers stack up? How do pass/no-pass grades get calculated into a GPA? Check out the tables below for conversions and calculations! 

Midterm Grades

In conjunction with frequent evaluations, mid-semester grades help students understand their level of progress. Faculty members submit mid-semester grades for each student to the Registrar's Office for all 15-week courses. These grades are internal and do not appear on student transcripts. These grades are also released to FERPA-authorized parents.

Grade Achievement Grade Equivalent Standard
S (satisfactory) C- or better A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-
U (unsatisfactory) Passing, but D+, D, D-
F (failing) Not passing: F

Semester Grades

At the end of each semester, faculty members submit to the registrar a final grade for each student.

Grade Range Achievement Standard Grade Points per Credit Hr.
A (93+) Outstanding 4.00
A- (90-92) Outstanding 3.67
B+ (87-89) High quality 3.33
B (83-86) High quality 3.00
B- (80-82) High quality 2.67
C+ (77-79) Acceptable 2.33
C (73-76) Acceptable 2.00
C- (70-72) Acceptable 1.67
D+ (67-69) Passing* 1.33
D (63-66) Passing* 1.00
D- (60-62) Passing* 0.67
F (Below 60) Failing 0.00
P   Pass Not computed
NP   No Pass 0.00
W Withdrawn before the end of the 11th week of a 15-week course* Not computed
I Incomplete Not computed
AU Audit No grade or credit earned

*For exceptions, see the Education, Game Art & Animation, Game Design, Paralegal, Social Work, Software Development and Software Engineering majors.

*After the end of the 11th week of a 15-week course, students may not withdraw from a course.