Registration for on-campus students occurs twice per year: once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. On-campus students work with their faculty advisor and academic specialist to register for classes through Student Planning. Instructions for Student Planning are found below.

Registration for Champlain College Online and Graduate students occurs multiple times throughout the year, depending on which term a student is registering for. Online students will work with their academic advisor to plan and register for classes.

Students can refer to the College's Academic Calendars for registration dates. 

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Step 1:  Review the Course Schedule

The courses available for Spring 2021 registration are now viewable in Student Planning.  See, "Accessing and Using Student Planning" below.

Meet with your Faculty Advisor to discuss your fall courses. All students are strongly encouraged to meet (virtually) with their Faculty Advisor to discuss fall course planning. You can find your Faculty Advisor's contact information in Student Planning.  

Still unsure about your major or what classes to take?  No problem at all—you're not alone! Just fill out this quick form to tell us a little bit about your major/career exploration questions and we can direct you to people who can help. 

Step 2:  Check for Holds on Your Registration

Some students will encounter registration holds on their records.  These holds will prevent you from registering and could be because you need to contact Student Accounts or haven't provided us with your immunization records.  You will see a notice in Student Planning if you have a registration hold. All balance holds will be placed on records by Monday, March 21, 2022

Step 3: Find Your Registration Window

Your registration window is the date and time when registration is open to you. In WebAdvisor, click on "My Registration Window" under Registration to see when your window opens.  In Student Planning, you will see your registration window displayed as a banner under the schedule tab.   

Step 4: Select your Spring 2021 Courses and Click Register

  • For step-by-step instructions on how to register for your classes, see the menu item below, "Accessing and Using Student Planning"
  • Some of our courses may have additional fees associated with them and/or you may need instructor consent to register for these courses.  Some sections have specific designations: SIS–Social Impact Scholar, SL–Service Learning and TVL–Travel.
  • Waitlist Info: Adding your name to the waitlist of a section is a great way to indicate that you're interested in the class if room becomes available, but enrollment is not guaranteed.  Please register for an available second-choice section which you can drop later if your first-choice becomes available.

 Additional Reminders:

  • Study Abroad Students:  Any student that has been approved by the Office of International Education to study in Montreal or Dublin for Fall 2022 must register for classes on the Burlington Campus.  This is a change from when you were approved to go abroad. Travel restrictions are still currently in place and it is in the student's best interest to register for Burlington Campus courses for Fall 2022. 
  • Contact Us with Questions: Still have questions?  Contact your Academic Specialist to set up an appointment to meet, or call or email. 
  • Financial Aid Reminder: Please note that you may not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid if you register for courses that are not applicable to your degree program requirements.  If you have any questions or concerns about this please don't hesitate to reach out to your Academic Specialist.

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Student Planning is a tool that allows you to plan out your courses for your entire Champlain College career; to review your plans with your Faculty Advisor and have them approved; and to register for your courses. It can also be used to plan courses in a weekly schedule format. If you are considering changing your major, you may "view a new major" and see the degree requirements for the program you are interested in. Your Academic Specialist in the Registrar's Office is available to review the Student Planning module with you and answer any questions you have.

Detailed instructions for using Student Planning are provided below. To see a visual representation of each step, review the How to Use Student Planning to Register Guide.

To Access Student Planning:

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor from
  2. In WebAdvisor, select the Student menu, then click on the Student Planning link at the bottom left under the Academic Profile section

To Review and Change your Student Plan:

  1. Click on "View Your Progress"
  2. First-year students will have courses planned for them in Student Planning; view them by either scrolling down the page or by clicking on the Plan & Schedule tab and then the Timeline tab
  3. Remove courses from your plan by clicking on the "x" next to the course on your timeline
  4. View the course description and change the term that you plan to take by clicking on the course in the timeline
  5. Add courses to your plan in two ways:
    • Option A: Click the "My Progress" tab. Scroll down in your program until you see the course you want to plan.
      • Click on the Course Number, this will take you to the Student Planning catalog for that course.
      • Click the "Add Course to Plan" button
      • Select the term in which you want to take the course (i.e. 2020 Fall Semester, 2021 Spring Semester) and click the "Add Course to Plan" button again.  Note: Do not use terms other than the Fall Semester and Spring Semester options. The other terms listed are for the Online Continuing Professional Studies and Graduate level students. Do not plan a course in the summer without discussing it with your Faculty Advisor or Academic Specialist.
    • Option B: Go directly to the "Course Catalog" tab.
      • Search for specific subject codes or click on one in the list. Note: Only select 3-letter subject codes, the 4-letter codes are for students in the Continuing Professional Studies programs (i.e. choose the ACC code for Accounting Courses, not the ACCT courses).
      • Click on the subject code you are looking for, then filter your choices and add courses to your plan
  6. Please Remember: Once you have planned your courses, you may need to have your plan approved by your Faculty Advisor in order to register. You will want to meet them as soon as possible to go over your choices, so that you will have no issues registering when your registration window opens.

To Choose and Register for Sections:

  1. To choose the specific sections of your courses that you would like to register for, go to the "Plan & Schedule" tab again, and make sure that you are looking at the upcoming term. (i.e. for Spring 2021 registration make sure that you are looking at the 2021 Spring Semester calendar)
  2. On the left, the courses that you have planned will be listed. Click on "View Other Sections" to see your section choices for the term
  3. Click on the section that you want to add to your schedule.  If you are certain that this is the course that you want, click "Add Section to Schedule". It will now show as planned on the left.
  4. Once you have planned your sections and your Registration Window has opened, you are ready to register. You can attempt to register for all of your courses at the same time by clicking on the "Register Now" button, or individually by clicking on the "Register" button on each course.

Link to this FAQ

Student Planning is a tool that allows students to plan courses for their entire Champlain College career, and to review those plans with their Faculty Advisor and have them approved. We've provided instructions below for accessing Student Planning. To see a visual representation of each step, review the How to Use Student Planning as a Faculty Advisor Guide.

  1. Log in to Web Advisor and go to the Faculty menu.
  2. From the Faculty Information menu on the left, select "Student Planning."
  3. You will be taken to a new window that is Student Planning. Click on the "Advising" tab along the top.
  4. The service will automatically pull up the list of all your advisees, but if you would like to narrow it down to a specific student that you are working with, you can use the search box.
Link to this FAQ