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Students entering January 2018
Waiver available online November 6, 2017
Waiver deadline December 1, 2017
Students entering August 2018
Waiver available online June 1, 2018
Waiver deadline August 1, 2018

Completing a Health Insurance Waiver

  • Have your existing insurance card on hand.
  • Go to champlain.edu/webadvisor and log in.
  • Under the "Student Accounts" heading, choose "FT Decline Health Ins," which brings you to the Consolidated Health Plans for Champlain College.
  • On this page click the blue "Waiver" tab to DECLINE the Champlain College Health Insurance.
  • Read the Disclosure Acknowledgment to ensure you understand the insurance coverage. Next, choose "Continue" at the bottom and go to the waiver form.
  • Enter all the health insurance information from your existing policy.
  • Complete the electronic signature and click "Submit."
  • Confirm you completed the process. If you did not receive the confirmation email, the waiver did not go through and you must repeat the process. Print out and save the confirmation email.

If you have any problems with the waiver form online, please contact Compass Student Services at 802.992.1474.

Health insurance coverage is required for all students. All full-time students are enrolled and billed for the College health insurance plan unless a health insurance waiver is completed. 

2017-2018 Consolidated Health Plans Brochure

2017-2018 Consolidated Health Plans Summary of Benefits

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You may designate Authorized Users (parents or guardians) to help manage the bill paying process. Unless parents/guardians are specifically authorized, only you will have access to view and/or pay the bill.

To set up Authorized Users:

  • Login to WebAdvisor.
  • Click on "Student" and then under the "Student Accounts" heading, click "Student Statement & Payment."
  • In the grey menu bar, click on the tab for "Authorized Users."
  • Follow the directions on the screen.
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If your employer will provide financial assistance to you to pay your tuition and requires billing from us, please complete the employer billing form and email it to compass@champlain.edu or fax it to 802.860.2762. If your company has its own form, you may send that form instead.

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Records & Registration Forms

Please note that all forms within the Records & Registration Forms section should be returned to the Registrar's Office, located in Perry Hall, Room 322. The Registrar's Office is open from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM. Contact us via email at compass@champlain.edu or by phone at 802.992.1474.

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Course Withdrawal Form
Submit completed form to the Registrar's Office prior to withdrawing from a class. You may withdraw from a course up until the Friday of the 11th week of the semester and receive a "W" on your transcript; after this time, you may not withdraw from a course.

Contact your Faculty Advisor or Academic Specialist for more information.


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The Registrar's Office is happy to discuss the withdrawal process with during business hours, please contact us at registrar@champlain.edu or call 802.992.1474.


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Download the FERPA waiver to print and submit by mail or fax using the contact information on the form.

Complete information about FERPA, how it works, and what it covers is available on our FERPA information page.

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Minor Selection Form

A minor is a career enhancement for students, different from a student's major or discipline. Some programs require that students select a minor.

  • Any minor is open to any student
  • Minors will be 15-21 credit hours.
    • Students in 15 credit minors are required to complete 9 unique credits
    • Students in 18 credit minors are required to complete 12 unique credits
    • Students in 21 credit minors are required to complete 15 unique credits.

Refer to the College Catalog and click on Programs of Study to view the list of minor options.

After discussions with advisors, students may wish to select a minor from those available across all academic units. Students wishing to select a minor will do so using this online form.

It should be understood that the selection of a minor may extend the time needed to fulfill all course requirements, unless the minor is required.

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Champlain College offers non‚Äźdegree admission to students who wish to take undergraduate courses without pursuing an undergraduate degree. Complete the Non-Degree Registration Form to begin registration.

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Request for Incomplete Grade

This form is required to request an incomplete grade. The College policy for incompletes is also included on the form.

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Log into Clearinghouse with your student login and password for self-service enrollment verifications. Please see instructions below.

  • Print enrollment verification certificates to take to ski resorts for student ski pass discounts
  • Print enrollment verification certificates to send to health insurers, housing providers or other organizations requiring proof of your enrollment
  • View the deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders
  • Obtain a list of your student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information
  • View your enrollment history
  • View enrollment verification provided to student service providers at your request

The Student Self-Service website is free, easy to use and secure. 

Please keep the following points in mind when requesting enrollment verification services:

  • Enrollment Services is only able to verify a student's enrollment in a current semester or a semester in the past.
  • Students are verified as full-time if they are registered for 12 or more credits. Students carrying fewer than 12 credits are verified as part-time.
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Summer Course Withdrawal Form

SUMMER SESSION A: June 19, 2017

SUMMER SESSION B: August 7, 2017

FULL SUMMER TERM: July 21, 2017

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Returning to Champlain College

Students who wish to return to Champlain College as an undergraduate student after any separation must complete a formal application for readmission. Readmission allows a former degree candidate to resume a degree program. The process for returning is based on a student's status when they were last enrolled. Readmission is appropriate if you:

  • Withdrew from the College for any reason
  • Were dismissed or suspended

All readmission applications are considered through the Registrar's Office. Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

Students within the Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) division should contact their Academic Advisor. CPS students are not required to submit the readmission form above.

Tuition Deposit Form

As part of the readmission process, the Tuition Deposit Form MUST be completed. Traditional students will not be officially allowed to register for classes until this form has been submitted.


Undeclared: Students who have earned 30 or more credits may not return to Champlain as Undeclared students without meeting with a member of the Registrar's Office or the Office of Admissions.

Inactive Programs: Students wishing to return to the College in academic programs that have been inactivated may do so only with the permission of the Provost. Should you fall into this category, a member of the Registrar's Office will contact you upon receipt of your readmission form.

Catalog Year: Students returning after being gone no more than 2 semesters are permitted to follow the degree requirements associated with their original catalog year. Students reapplying after a seperation of more than 2 semesters are required to meet the degree requirements of the most current catalog year, unless otherwise authorized by the Provost.

Credits Limitations: The maximum number of credits that may be transferred is 75.

Deadlines: To be considered for the spring semester readmission applications must be completed by December 1st. To be considered for the fall semester, readmission applications must be completed by August 1st.  

Readmission for Graduation: Students who wish to be reactivated or readmitted to Champlain in order to transfer in remaining credits for graduation should contact the Registrar's Office at registrar@champlain.edu.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal or Suspension: A student who has been dismissed for academic reasons or suspended for nonacademic reasons is eligible to request reinstatement through the process outlined in the Readmission Policy. Upon receipt of the readmission application and all corresponding documents, the Dean of the division and/or VP of Student Life will review the application package and notify the student of their decision.

Transcripts: Students who completed credits at another college after leaving Champlain must have an official transcript forwarded to the Registrar's Office at Champlain. These transcripts should reflect all academic work undertaken since the student left Champlain. If the student is approved for readmission with coursework in progress, the student's admission status will be provisional pending receipt of the final transcript.

Residential Life: Champlain College does not guarantee on-campus housing for readmitted students. If you request on-campus housing, Residential Life will be notified.

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Transfer Course Approval Form

This form is for students requesting to take transfer coursework outside of Champlain during a summer/winter term. 

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Students Requesting Legal Name Change

Students who wish to change their name must provide the following information in person, by mail, or via fax to the address below:

    • Old name
    • Social Security number
    • New name
    • Copy of document verifying name change (marriage certificate, civil union certificate, court document, etc.)
    • Student signature

Please send the necessary information to:

Compass Student Services
Champlain College
PO Box 670
Burlington, VT 05402-0670
Fax: 802.860.2762

Students Requesting Chosen Name Change

Champlain College recognizes that transgender, non-binary, and/or gender nonconforming students may not use the name that they were assigned at birth, as it does not reflect their identity. We also recognize that, for a variety of reasons, students may not wish to go through a legal name change or may be in the middle of doing so, but wish to have their records reflect their chosen name before the process is complete. The College has staff in place to assist students who wish to update their email addresses, academic class listings, and ID cards with their chosen name.

To inquire or begin the process of updating an email address, academic class listing, and ID card, please complete the Chosen Name Request Form.

Students wishing to learn more about the specific scope of this option before completing the form should contact Reese Kelly at rkelly@champlain.edu, located in IDX Student Life Center 313.

Change of Address or Phone Number

Current Students: Please complete the Address Change Request Form. You will be asked to sign in to your Champlain College account.

Alumni: Change your address or phone number by completing this form.

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The Office of Accessibility website provides detailed information about applying for housing accommodations, academic accommodations and assistance animals. This form may be used to request accommodations. Please note, requests for accommodations are due June 15 (for Fall semester) and December 15 (for Spring semester). 

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All students must complete and submit the Student Health Form.

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Fill out your Emergency Contact form via WebAdvisor.

Log in, then under the heading "Communications," select the first link, "Emergency Contact-Students."

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