The Office of Marketing tells the Champlain Story through video. We primarily work on special projects for enrollment, but we also work with our social media team and web team to produce other videos that communicate the mission, vision and values of Champlain College.


As an institution that highly values inclusion, it is not only our legal obligation to make our videos accessible to all users, it is simply the right thing to do.


Accessibility is not optional. Federal ADA guidelines require that our video content is accessible to all users. While many video platforms provide auto-captioning, they may contain errors which should be edited manually. We can recommend affordable paid services that provide timed captioning, as well as transcription.

Text on Screen

When using text on the screen, please ensure that the font color contrasts well with any background image. Additionally, make sure that your captioning includes the text for users who may be visually impaired and use a screen reader to access video content.

Project Requests

When requesting a video project from the Marketing Office, please consider and be ready to answer the follow questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where will this video live? (e.g. social media, webpage)
  • What is the video about?
  • What is this video supporting?
  • Is there a call-to-action? (e.g. learn more about a program, submit a deposit)
  • Is a script required? If so, who will provide the script?
  • If the video is related to an event or has a deadline, explain the details of these factors.

Request a Video Project

Office of Marketing

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