Prospective student outreach, applicant communications, and more.

Email is a central part of the recruitment process. Our team manages email communications to various Champlain College audiences, focusing primarily on prospective students.

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Tips for Writing Better Emails

Write a descriptive yet concise subject line

  • Think of a newspaper headline: short, attention grabbing, and tells you exactly what to expect in the article. 

Keep your message short

  • Most emails need to include only five basic details:
    • Who you are
    • What you want
    • Why you’re asking the recipient
    • Why they should do what you’re asking
    • What the next step is

Break up your text to make it scannable

  • Use bulleted lists instead of sentences whenever possible
  • Keep your paragraphs to only a few sentences or lines.
  • Especially important now that the majority of email is read on phones or tablets.

Include a clear call to action

  • If you want a response, tell your recipients what to do.
  • If you need them to respond, tell them exactly what information is needed and how many separate questions need to be answered.
  • If you need them to click a link and fill out a form, be similarly clear about that.

Proofread your email for spelling and grammatical mistakes

  • Not only do spelling and grammatical mistakes make your emails harder to understand, they also lower your credibility in the eyes of your recipients.

Check for incorrect links or missing attachments

  • Always double-check to make sure essential links or attachments are included.

“6 Quick Tips for Writing Effective Emails” on Grammarly.

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