Our color palette plays an important role in establishing a consistent look throughout our communication materials. We use color liberally to add vibrancy and visual interest, from full-bleed pages to color bands, boxes and rules, even color-tinted photography and typography. Simply put, these colors play an essential role in how we represent the Champlain brand across our communication materials and media.

Color Usage & Rules

  • When possible, we suggest printing with solid Pantone colors. However, we realize this may incur a significant cost that is not always feasible for your budget; therefore, we have provided alternative color formulas based on the Pantone Color Bridge conversions. Please note: There are several variables that can affect the final results of how colors render. When working with a print vendor, it’s perfectly normal to request that they try to match their output to the Pantone solid colors rather than using the CMYK formulas provided on this page.
  • Avoid using a screen or tint of our colors unless it is to tint photography, needed to lend visual hierarchy or indicate a change on the page. For example, a screened color may be used to create alternating table cells on a spreadsheet.
  • A majority Primary and Secondary color ratio should always be kept. Use the Primary and Secondary colors as dominant and the Tertiary to accent.

Institutional Colors

Our color palette consists of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Please use a majority Primary and Secondary color ratio. Primary and Secondary colors should be dominant with the Tertiary colors to accent.

Please note that differences may exist in the appearance between PMS and hex values of these colors.

Primary Color

Champlain Blue
Pantone 302 C
CMYK: 100,43,12,56
RGB: 0,60,95
HEX: #003C5F

Secondary Colors

Pantone 303 C
CMYK: 96,72,52,57
RGB: 0,42,58
HEX: #002A3A

Pantone 647 C
CMYK: 91,61,21,4
RGB: 35,97,146
HEX: #236192

Pantone 2995 C
CMYK: 73,15,0,0
RGB: 0,169,224
HEX: #00A9E0

Pantone 2995 C
50% Tint
RGB: 126,211,239

Pantone 2995 C
25% Tint
RGB: 190,233,247

Tertiary Colors

Pantone 180 C
CMYK: 18,91,87,7
RGB: 190,58,52
HEX: #BE3A34

Pantone 7465 C
CMYK: 67,0,42,0
RGB: 61,196,178
HEX: #3DC4B2

Pantone 7489 C
CMYK: 61,14,95,1
RGB: 116,170,80
HEX: #74AA50

Pantone 555 C
CMYK: 83,32,78,19
RGB: 40,114,79
HEX: #28724F

Pantone 143 C
CMYK: 0,27,78,4
RGB: 253,197,94

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