Welcome to environmental advertising!

Digital Signage is an important aspect of the College’s overall communication strategy. Placed throughout the campus, digital signs are placed in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Groups across campus can communicate with students, faculty, staff and visitors regarding events and information, or if necessary, emergency alerts.

    1. 194 St. Paul Street
    2. Lakeside shuttle stop waiting area
    3. Lakeside Cantina
    4. Lakeside 2nd Floor
    5. Lakeside 3rd Floor
    6. IDX Student Center
    7. Freeman Hall
    8. CCM outside transportation office
    9. CCM Commuter Lounge
    10. CCM 221
    11. CCM 3rd Floor
    12. Library/MIC
    13. Ireland Entrance
    14. Champlain Room
    15. Alumni Auditorium
    16. Rowell Annex
    17. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    18. Roger H. Perry Hall
    19. Garden House
    20. Joyce Learning Center

Digital Signage Request

If you’d like to add your news or event to our digital signage system, we can help! Submit a digital signage request to enter your issue into our ticketing system. From there, it will be scheduled for work.

Submit a Digital Signage Request

Content Tips

Think about driving passed a billboard. What can you read in a short amount of time?

Your content should be brief with a way for your reader to get more information if they want it. A person walking passed a digital sign can only read a message of about 20 words.

Tell the Viewer

  • What you want them to know
  • When they can attend/act on information
  • Where the event is (if applicable)
  • Who or what is the contact person or sponsoring office


Flu Shots Available
Nov 1 – Nov 3
10 AM – 5 PM
Lakeside Cantina
Sponsored by the People Center

  • Generally ad designs should be submitted as image files such as: .jpg, .jpeg or .png.

    Ads submitted in other file formats such as .pdf, .psd, .ai, .tiff, .docx, .gif, etc. will not be accepted.

  • Typeface (Kind of Font)

    • Sans serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts. Example: Arial Black

    Font Size

    • Headlines: 40 points
    • Body Copy: 32 points
    • URL/Call to Action: 28 points
  • Our digital signage is designed for Full Screen landscape (1920px x 1080px) except in Transportation Hubs where the screens display an interactive campus map. Digital signs in Transportation Hubs show the shuttle bus location and then a rotating ad slot that measures 875px x 750px.

    Please note: messages formatted as an 11×17 poster or 8.5×11 poster will not work on digital signage.

    Regular PNG Template

    Transportation Hub PNG Template

  • For maximum clarity, ensure that images are at least 72dpi when viewed at full size. Using low-resolution images will result in pixilation, distortion and a blurry effect when viewed on digital signage. Images that do not meet the minimum quality standard will not be accepted.

  • Messages submitted to the digital signage system should be named by the following convention:


    For example:
    EXP12-11.SustainChamplain.Recycle Kitten

  • Please specify your intended audience and where you would like your ad to appear. The Marketing Office may add your advertisement to additional screens if we feel it has broader interest than anticipated.

  • Please use the submittal form to specify when you would like your ad posted and when it should be removed.

    Generally, submit your ad for placement on the digital signage system at least one week in advance of the first day you would like it to appear.

  • A playlist is a collection of content scheduled in the Digital Signage System.

    All messages submitted by campus users will be played on the General Ads Playlist which plays on main campus signage and at Lakeside.

    Content for specific audiences such as Employees or Campus Visitors runs on separate playlists managed by Marketing.

Ready to Submit?

Submit your request by using our webform or by emailing your message to digitalsignage@champlain.edu

Refusal to Publish

The Office of Marketing reserves the right to decline posting any digital signage submission we deem inappropriate. Of course, a member of the team will follow up with you to discuss why the ad was not posted.

Office of Marketing

Miller Center Lakeside, 3rd Floor
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM