Put simply, the messaging and voice of Champlain College helps the world understand who we are and what we offer, why we offer it, and how we deliver it. If you’re familiar with the elevator pitch concept, think of this the first impression we make on a stranger while riding an elevator together. What do we want them to know about us and remember about us when we part ways? Clear messaging and voice are critical.

  • Our promise (what): Purpose-driven and forward-thinking, Champlain students and graduates are entrepreneurial and ready to hit the ground running. They can look at a problem from different perspectives, make ethical decisions, and think globally.

    Our purpose (why): Why Champlain College imagines a better future for the world, forged by the compassion, talents, and flexibility of Champlain graduates. They will understand how and why our world is ever changing, and be ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow in both their professional and personal lives.

    Our position (how): Champlain is the only small private college that delivers an intentionally unconventional academic model to develop and empower forward-thinking professionals at the intersections of technology, design, business, and social innovation who are capable of being leaders in tomorrow’s careers and builders of a better future.

  • Who we talk to, what we say to them, and how we speak to them is how we foster strong relationships that last a lifetime. We are incredibly proud of our tight-knit community and our goal is to continue to grow it even further:

    Primary Audience: Prospective students, parents/guardians of prospective students, and counselors

    Secondary Audience: Current students, parents of current students, faculty/staff, alumni, and external community

  • Champlain College is a lot of things, but it can’t be everything to everyone. Our authenticity is what makes us different by design. Here’s how we describe Champlain College:

    • Inclusive, Collaborative, Empathetic
    • Unconventional, Individualistic, Forward-thinking
    • Relevant, Practical, Intentional
    • Creative, Inventive, Imaginative
    • Problem-solvers, Curious, Motivated

Editorial Style Guide

We created the Champlain College Editorial Style Guide to help standardize Champlain’s nomenclature and writing style in print and online publications. Here you’ll find information on how to format phone numbers, refer to degrees, and talk about Champlain. We update it regularly, and suggest bookmarking the page rather than downloading it.



Unless otherwise noted in Champlain’s Style Guide the Merriam Webster Dictionary is our preferred reference source. Likewise, the following style guides should be consulted if you do not find the answer you need in our guide.

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